Hello, pals! Happy Friday, indeed.

First of all, I apologize for my slightly depressing weewah post.  It wasn’t intentional, but after getting an alarming amount of concerned texts/phone calls/extra long hugs, I realized my exhaustion may have unearthed some unexpected dramatics and it came across in the post.

I truly am looking forward to moving home, decompressing, and having some more time to put a little extra love into the blog.  I suppose I was feeling a little nostalgic/delirious after stuffing my memories from the past 7 years or so that I’ve lived in NYC into cardboard boxes.

I’m also a dramatic, over-emotional, sensitive girl.  So there’s that.

On a happier note, I’ve been on a blog-reading rampage lately. All of them are all very well known to all the cool people, but I wanted to share some of the wealth, because isn’t that just what bloggers do?

This is embarrassing, but I am obsessed with this little family to an excessive degree.  I think my friends are worried. I mean, how does anyone look that good 9 months pregnant? COME ON.  Rockstar Diaries

I don’t consider myself to be one of those cool, fashionable, trend-wearing, magazine girls.  I just don’t have it in me to wear things with studs and feathers.  I’m working on it: The Man Repeller

This blog is New York.  If you don’t have a lot to do at work today, read this.  If you do have a lot to do at work today, forget about it, and read this: Humans of New York

I hope that everyone has a weekend full of dancing their butts off, Bud Light Limes, and doing dumb things with your friends.


See you guys in suburbia.