Last weekend at the bachelorette party of a lifetime, I found myself up 4:30 AM laughing with Maggie.   As we sat there inhaling a bag of Tostitos Hint of Lime chips with salsa, Maggie said to me, “Is this going to be up on WEEWAH?”

“Maggie” I said, “pull those chips out of your mouth. What on earth did you just say?”  “Weewah? You know! When you post everything you ate in a day?”

Right. WIAW.  I haven’t even tried to make it a real word, but I like weewah much more than WIAW.

So, getting on with it… for my weewah, I started with some unpictured coffee and hazelnut soy creamer.  Mmmm chemicals.

I walk through Times Square to get to my office, and yesterday morning when I got to the top of the subway stairs I was greeted with this sight.

Yoga in Times Square? Not the most relaxing of ambiances, especially in 95 degree weather. That’s New York for you.

Before I left my apartment, I sliced strawberries for a Fage I had at the office to eat for bfast.

On Sunday night Kathleen’s sister, Bridget, came to our apartment (after our grueling weekend), and made dinner for us like the angel she is.   After our liquid weekend,  these veggies were exactly what I needed.   I made it again for myself for lunch and have already eaten the same dish 4 times since Sunday night.  Yes, it’s that good. I will be sharing this recipe tomorrow!

I had a second salad topped with a Dr. Praeger’s california veggie burger, and some beautiful kumato tomatoes I picked up this week.  I told you guys I was drowning myself in greens this week, didn’t I?

I split my Justin’s almond butter in half, and brought a jar with me to work.

This is what my work stash of almond butter looks like now:

Needless to say, I can’t keep this stuff too close to me or I’ll EAT THE WHOLE JAR.  This may haven taken me a week to get through, but I dipped my spoon into it a few times yesterday. Warning: Justin’s almond butter contains crack.  I suggest stashing it far away from arm’s reach.

I got home and made myself a fairly simple dinner of an egg white omelet with onions, broccoli and mozzarella cheese.  Strawbs on the side.

I ended up chopping up the strawberries with some mint and sugar for dessert.

And then for dessert #2: banana “soft serve.”  I simply blended a few frozen bananas with some ice, cinnamon and the tiniest pinch of salt.

I put myself to bed early because I’ve been feeling a little under the weather over the past few days.  I thought vegetarians were supposed to be invincible?  To be fair, I rarely ever get sick, but this feverish, dizzy, cold thing won’t seem to leave me alone.

Kathleen made me take some meds, which I usually try to avoid being the hippie that I am. Hopefully it will help knock whatever this is out of my system.  I took a liquid spoonful of it, after which I practically gagged and said to Kathleen, “I feel like I just drank bug spray.  Why couldn’t they at least flavor it!”  She laughed and asked if the last time I took syrup meds was when I was a baby, because this was adult Mucinex, and they don’t make it in cherry flavor.

I pouted and dragged my snotty self to bed and slept for a glorious 9 hours.  I woke up this morning still feeling like snot.  I think drinking bug juice may have made things worse.

On a good note, it’s almost FRIDAY.  I actually have a summer Friday tomorrow, but since I will be spending it in the doctor’s office, it’s not as appealing.  We’re going to try and figure out what to do with this poisonous gall stone that won’t let me eat french fries.  No french fries = no fun.

What are you guys doing this weekend?  Has anyone tried that banana “soft serve”? It’s rully delicious.  Give it a shot!