I am such a dingbat.  I missed my little baby blog’s one year anniversary. Blog, I promise to buy you the most beautiful flowers and delicious chocolates to make it up to you.  Does that even work?  What if they’re organic?  Please forgive me.

I started writing after reading a few books that got me thinking.  I wanted to follow and live by what I read.  I became a vegetarian.

Also, let’s not forget that if you are a 20-something, you probably have a blog.  We all know that every thought we have must be put on Facebook or else the thought doesn’t exist.  Right? Riiight?  Come on, we know you have one.  Just make it public already.

I’m sure a lot of the things I write on here don’t make sense (maybe I should start writing posts earlier than 11:48 PM), and there have been times where I question if this blog is about being a vegetarian, or if it’s really about me drinking with my friends on our roof.  I’m writing about what’s in focus in my life. It could be what’s on my plate, or it could be what I’m laughing about with my friends (psst… right now, it’s this).

I can’t believe it has already been an entire year.  A year complete with moments of clarity, humblingconfusion, mistakes, passion, and really good food.

If you’re still here reading, I want to thank you.  Thank you for reading, listening, laughing, and supporting me.  If you have, by some stroke of insanity, listened to what I had to say and tried the vegetarian thing for a moment (even if for a day, or a meal), I am so proud of you.  I understand how hard it is to sit down to a meal where eye rolls and exasperated sighs are a normal part of the dining experience.  Just be patient, everyone will get used to it sooner or later.

All we need, is to push the thinking a little bit.  To bring awareness that no, our plates do not need to be comprised of 50% meat in order for us to grow big and strong.  The health benefits of being a vegetarian are just the beginning, so hang in there.

And lastly, if you are still reading, thank you for paying attention to this girl who is a complete maniac and likes to think that she’s funny.  She really appreciates it.

I would like to raise my green juice and cheers to you, my friends.  Cheers to a new year of good food, books, friends and some big life changes.  Cheers to eating green.