Wednesday Eats! Geeeetttt excited.  Or not.  I do have a few exciting things happening this week, but my Wednesday eats are not included.

Same thing every week.  Coffee, english muffin with almond butter, salad, snack, snack, and brown rice with veggies.  You guys bored with me yet?  And a DELICIOUS half of a lemon cupcake made by my talented roomie.

On Tuesday night, I went to the Chanel Little Black Jacket exhibit with my HS buddies Emily and Jena.

After walking back outside, I suggested we go check out a restaurant I have been meaning to try: The Dutch.

I was kicking myself for forgetting my camera, but this place is really cool inside.

We started with some drinks and then shared 3 appetizers: The spring salad with pamesan and buttermilk dressing, the eggplant dip with savory crackers, and the american burrata with organic broccoli and pine nuts.  They also started us out with this delicious jalepeno corn bread.

Ok. Exciting thing number 1.  Emily and I were discussing some cool things I could do with my blog – and I thought it might be fun to run around  NYC and reviewing new restaurants that I have been wanting to try.   I have a list in my phone that has been calling my name, and I think it’s time to make those dream meals a reality.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Numba 2.  I am going to the HEALTHY LIVING SUMMIT in Boston this August!  I’m a little nervous but a lot excited.

Who has suggestions for restaurants that I could add to my shiny list?  I want to hear them in the comments below. Who else is going to HLS?! I’m in need of a roomie for the weekend.