I could probably do individual posts on each day of the weekend. But I won’t do that, because really, who wants to hear about every single french fry I ate, and my thoughts after each bite?  I mean, I know you guys like to hear my thoughts, but really, no.  Plus, it’s the same thought after each fry: “just one more, Alex… okay, one more… ok, last one… fine, just eat them all, I give up.”

I had the day off work Friday (hallelujah Summer Fridays), and I celebrated by sleeping in.   I may have been out celebrating the night before until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning.  Celebrating what? Who knows. It was Thursday.

I gave my room (and closet) a serious cleaning, ran errands, and went to the gym.  After the gym I stopped at Juice Generation for a milkshake protein smoothie.

Friday night was spent doing some more celebrating, but this time for a more legitimate claim: a birthday! Carrie’s mang.

Saturday morning I went to brunch at the The Barking Dog (scene of the french fry incident previously mentioned), after which I had a serious attack from my gall stone.  Yes, you heard that right. A gall stone.  I’m an 85-year old woman.

I am usually pretty good about keeping it in control, but Saturday was bad.  My poor roomie Liz had to practically hold me up after I put my hands on my knees in the middle of Lexington avenue, and used deep breathing exercises to help get me through labor the pain before I made it home to my lifesaving painkillers.  I sprawled myself out on my bed and stared at my ceiling as I waited for the meds to kick-in. Ouch.  That was no fun.

Thank you for being my stand-in Mom, Liz.  You’re amazing.

A few hours later, I joined some friends at Bro J’s and watched them take down a fishbowl.  Water for me.

After Bro J’s, we went to Carrie’s roof to play charades, but I was feeling a little out of it, and our team lost miserably.  It wasn’t my best day.  And then I was eating… again.  Bocca for dinner.  I took it slow, but it was deeeeelish (dinner was documented by my iPhone).

We started with the Carciofi Croccanti con Aglio al Basilico. Or for those of you who don’t speak fluent Italian, they were crispy artichokes with a basil aioli.

I balanced it out with a Roasted Beets, Watercress, Almonds & Goat Cheese salad

and we split two pasta dishes: the Homemade Cappellacci, Asparagus, Fava Beans, Artichoke, Castelmagno Cheese and Ravioli Stuffed with Porcini & Mascarpone, Brown Butter & Sage.

Later that night, we drank a few beers then I face-planted into bed.

The next morning Mom Liz woke me up for a day of ADVENTURING.  Because my weekend hadn’t been enough of an adventure yet apparently.  We had plans to bike across the 59th Street bridge, meet Lauren,  eat the eat the most delicious bagels in the universe, and frolic around Astoria.  And that we did.

(I would bike a million miles for you, whole wheat bagel with cinnamon walnut raisin tofu cream cheese. I really would.)

Try not to be too jealous of my super fashionable outfit.  I wanted to wear a dress but didn’t want to flash all of Astoria.  Pants under dress prevail.

The next and last stop of our Astoria tour was the beer garden at Studio Square.

Biking miles and miles after a few drinks is really fun.  And when I say fun, I clearly mean I-feel-like-I’m-dying fun.

Once we arrived back to the apt, we showered and gussied ourselves up to go watch the season finale of Mad Men at The Carnegie Club in midtown.

It was the perfect place to watch the last episode of the season.  I’ll miss that show.  Let’s hope they don’t wait another 348 years to air the next season.

Fantastic weekend.  It was never-ending in the best way possible. Let’s do it again (without my black-out pain episode) and again.

Did you watch the last episode of MadMen? Where did you watch it?  New Yorkers – who has had Brooklyn Bagel, and are there any that rival?  I think not.