After work today, I lugged my computer to the Apple store on 5th Ave to be looked at by those “genuises.”  Apparently in my hard drive cleaning spree, I deleted some important processing files, so I had to completely restore my computer.  Wipe it clean. What a genius I am.  Luckily, I had moved most of my photos to an external hard drive. Not so luckily, I did not transfer my videos or my music.  Buh bye running playlists, Hanson albums, and old cd mixes from high school that I had burned from a friend – off of a CD.  A CD.  

The last transfer I did was from Carrie’s wedding shower weekend.  I’m so glad I didn’t lose them.  I would have a hard time ever forgetting this weekend, as it made the ranks for one of the best I’ve had in a while.

The weekend was obviously intended for Carrie, and to celebrate her upcoming big day (!!), but every few minutes I would stop and be thankful to have my friends all in one place, in one city, for a whole weekend together.  No happy hours, no Facebook, no sleeping in our own beds, no boyfriends, and no vegetables.  Dear Carrie, thank you for getting engaged so that I could spend an entire weekend with my friends who I love more than anything.

Carrie.  My dear, sweet, friend Carrie.  It was just a few months ago we were eating Swedish fish swollen with vodka, swigging cans of blue Sparks out of ridiculously huge plastic green margarita glasses, swiping on our glossiest lip gloss, and running out to the tri-bar to dance our butts off (who cares if its raining/snowing/sleeting/hailing when you have red down Walmart coats to protect you).  It was just a few weeks ago we had our daily 8:00 AM caf breakfasts before class and a few days ago you were prematurely shutting down the music to our dance party, to make sure we got to the white party on time.  It was just a few days ago, you were passing off keys to our first apartment together, as we climbed the 6 flights of stairs to our “penthouse,”  while living off of beans.  “Nachos!” we said. Speed walking to Tuesday night karaoke just happened last night, didn’t it?

We may be a little bit older, a little wiser (debatable) and maybe we traded in our Sparks cans for champagne glasses.  Maybe we have few more sparkles on our hands, but we’ll always be laughing at those same dumb jokes, using the worm as our party trick, and Pitbull will never get old.  I could not be happier for you and Matt.  I’m so happy you two found each other.  Thank goodness for Tuesday night karaoke.  

PS. I lost all of my music, but spent a good 30 minutes laughing at the ridiculousness of the 30 second tracks I found in the iMovie music archives.  I knew I had to make something to go along with my new and improved (and only) music library.