This weekend we had Carrie’s wedding shower in Villanova, PA.  We spent the weekend there drinking margaritas,  laughing until our stomachs hurt, making ribbon bouquets,  eating a diet that consisted of sugar & carbs, and dancing like idiots.  I took over 400 photos.   My computer was in a really bad mood last night, and not only did  it delete an entire video I had finished editing, but it also didn’t feel like uploading any photos from my camera.  Either my comp hates me, or someone needs to buy me Computers for Dummies.  Eventually I gave up, and decided to take a bottle of wine to the roof  with my roomies instead.

It managed to squeeze out a few photos for me: the bride and (5/11 of) her maids.

Sorry for the death grip, Liz.  I love my friends so much that I try to choke them.

Full shower weekend recap to come, that is, if my computer can get its act together.

How was everyone’s weekend?  Who watched the amazing episodes of GIRLS and/or MADMEN? Did anyone else eat enough Mike&Ikes to fill a football field sized swimming pool?  ‘Cuz I did.