It’s currently 10:00 PM as I begin to write this post. My eyes are beginning to burn, and my body has initiated it’s auto-shutdown.  I am crashing soon, whether I like it or not.  I’m going to assume this has to do with the SoulCyle class I just took that was done in a room the temperature of a Bikram studio.  More on that in a bit.

As I was getting ready for work, I put some hot coffee in the freezer to cool for a few minutes before throwing it over some ice. As expected, I totally forgot about it until I was ready to walk out the door.  Mason jar to the rescue.

IMG 2575

Breakfast was some greek yogurt and burries.

IMG 2576

IMG 2577

Around lunchtime, I unbuckled my heels, slipped into my flip flops, and trekked my way up to a truck.  THE vegan lunch truck.

IMG 2581

For lunch I ordered the maple mustard tempeh sandwich on grilled spelt bread with roasted garlic aioli, kale, tomato, and onion.

IMG 2585

IMG 2586

It was tasty.  Although I think next time I might want to try something a little heartier.

Oh, and some greens.  Gotta have my greens.

IMG 2590

In the afternoon, we threw a baby shower for a co-worker of mine – Noelle and her baby girl!  We showed her a really good time, and taunted her while drinking champagne in her face like the good little co-workers we are.

IMG 2591

I can’t wait to stalk this little baby after it’s born.  I have known Noelle since I was a wee little intern, and she feels like an older sister to me.  I was actually one of the first people in our office to know that she was pregnant, because I guessed.  I could just tell. Is that weird?  Never mind the fact that I had been annoying her every. single. day. about having a baby already.  So maybe it was just luck on that day that I guessed and I got a nod instead of a shoo.

IMG 2619

IMG 2595

IMG 2598

IMG 2631

I ate a peanut butter cupcake made by Katherine, another coworker.  I think when Katherine bakes all of the angels come down and sprinkle magical stuff into the ingredients, because whatever she bakes tastes like it’s fallen from heaven.

After work I went to SoulCycle with a few clients.  It seems these days, our clients are trading in their semi-gloss deep conditionings at the spa for spinning.  Class was amazing.  I found myself smiling (like a freak) as I sweat and spun my soul out.  The music is loud, the lights are low, and the instructors are freakishly good-looking. I mean, this guy’s body wasn’t human.  As I sat spinning on my bike staring at this carved piece of meat man, I noticed my legs were spinning a littttttttlle faster.  Suddenly, the hefty entrance fees, and mostly female attendance made sense.  Ohhh so worth it.

Dinner was a sweet tator and an egg white scramble with zucchini, chives, and cilantro.

IMG 2654

IMG 2655

And something sweet before bed.

IMG 2657

Eye burning sensation has officially set in.  I’m faceplanting into bed. But before doing that… I may or may not look up when my guy is teaching the next SoulCycle TriBeCa class.

Who has been to SoulCycle?  What did you think? Anyone really like spinning?  I think the two are very different, and I am officially a SoulCycle convert.