Typically, when you’re given that extra Monday off work, you make sure that the earliest plane-train-bus is booked for Friday afternoon.  You see, us New Yorkers, we love our city, but we also love any excuse to be drinking poolside on a Sunday night knowing that we have one more day to sleep off our hangovers.

On previous Memorial Day weekends,  I made sure I was anywhere but NYC.  This year, we decided to run around town in honor of Liz’s big 2-5.  After all, we didn’t really have to share this city with anyone else, so why not play while we have all of the pizza slices, bars, and subway seats to ourselves? I spent Friday night without my baby (camera), at a bar in Alphabet city, tacos at La Palapa, and a late night drinking and chatting on a friend’s patio.  Saturday morning I woke up early to make pancakes for Liz (birthday pancakes are not complete without a heart), because we had a big day ahead of us.  A big, sweaty, heat-stroke inducing day.

IMG 2105

Bikes were rented.  Gatorade was chugged.  Sunscreen was applied.

Our 10 year old childhood confidence was restored, as we rode our bikes (slowly) to Never Never Land.

IMG 2108

IMG 2125\

Also known as Coney Island.  What better way to ring in a birthday than the CYCLONE roller coaster?

IMG 2149

It was one of the best roller coasters I have ever been on.  This ride made sure to tap into all of my deep rooted amusement park ride fears: deep dips, jerky turns, and the whole damn thing crumbling beneath my mini 4 person roller car.

IMG 2130

IMG 2133

IMG 2136

IMG 2137

IMG 2145

IMG 2172

IMG 2179

IMG 2206

IMG 2272

IMG 2292

IMG 2298

IMG 2308

IMG 2312

Saturday night, while our eyes glazed over as exhaustion set in, we made pizza and drank a few cold beers (after taking cold showers).  We knew it was time for bed when I practically started speaking in tongues, after one too many Bud Light Limes… I think I had two.  I’m blaming it on the dehydration from the 12 pounds of water weight I lost that day.

IMG 2323

IMG 2352

IMG 2357

Sunday, I spent the day doing a scavenger hunt down in the West Village for my cousin’s 18th birthday.  I got a little too enthusiastic about the game, and forgot to take any pictures.  Enthusiasm did not pay off, for our team lost.  (Matt, we let you win because it was your birthday…)  After the hunt, I picked up some guacamole ingredients, and jumped on the 1 train to the Upper West Side for a little B-Day BBQ.

IMG 2375

IMG 2415

IMG 2426

IMG 2437

IMG 2440

IMG 2461

IMG 2513

IMG 2559

IMG 2516

IMG 2524

IMG 2530

The night ended with a few rounds of charades and sauvignon blanc.  I successfully failed at my second gaming session of the day, as I was given movie titles such as The Abyss and Das Boot.  THANKS ADAM. I’m clearly not a sore loser.

Monday was spent sunbathing, video editing, movie theater-ing (it’s my blog and I’ll make up verbs if I want to), roof-ing, and Bachelorette-ing (see “theater-ing” caveat).

Turns out, you don’t need a ticket out of NYC to take advantage of those coveted extra Monday hours, you just need a few really good friends.  And maybe a ticket for the Cyclone.

What did you guys do this weekend?  Who has been to Coney Island?