Phew. Friday.  We made it.

How’s it hangin’?

I had to help set up for an event this morning so I didn’t have a chance to pack myself lunch.  7 AM call time means that someone else is preparing lunch.

As I walked into my caf this afternoon, I noticed that they were serving sashimi alongside that beautiful little cucumber & pea salad.   I put on my most-friendly smile, and asked if I could just have the salad as a side (normally not allowed).  He was very stealthy, and swiftly delivered my side salad over the counter with a little smile on his face.  It was almost like he was handing off the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy to me illegally.  Score!

My other salad (TWO salads?! I’m wild.) included roasted beets, barley, avocado, and hummus.

I  have had this salad once before, but I forgot just how gosh darn delicious it was.  I may have been hopping in my chair as I ate it.  I plan on making this salad at the earliest opportunity, but I think it goes something like this:

– Cucumbers

– Snap peas

– Mint

– Baby radishes

– Sweet chile sauce

– Chives

Happy salad, Happy Friday.

What did you have for lunch?  Did it involve chair-hopping enjoyment?