As I made my way back into the city last night, after a weekend of non-stop playing at home, I was brainstorming my weekend recap post.  How I got close to no sleep, all of my delicious meals from Thursday to Sunday, and the 500 photos I took to document it all.  It made me tired just thinking about it.

Then I got a text from Bridget, asking to come to The Standard Biergarten for a few birthday drinks for her boyfriend Tyler.  It was quite the dilemma.



Obviously my tweet was rhetorical.  Obviously I wanted to join in on the fun.


I got no sleep this weekend, but all of the late nights were worth it.  I mean hey, it’s nothing a little 10 minute nap after you get out of the shower at 7 AM before work can’t fix.  Sometimes, beer wins over blogging and early bedtimes.  You understand, right?


Weekend recap to come!


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