Saturday night, we had group come over to the apt for some birthday fun. While I was getting dressed, Liz and Carrie made me a large little cocktail.  I’m not sure if these cocktails have a name, but we mix together vodka, champagne, and lemonade.  Maybe I’ll name them trouble.  Try it, but beware, they sneak up on you.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I made a few bites for everyone to help soak up their delicious & dangerous drinks.  Really, I had to make myself something to eat for dinner. Cheese and bread? Yes please.

I’ve made these before, but I knew they would be simple, easy, and yummy. I thinly sliced a french baguette, lightly coated them in some olive oil and salt, and toasted them in the oven for a bit.  These pieces you see here are attempt two at toasting.  The first time around, I was flustered when I realized they were burning so I wasn’t thinking decided it would be a good idea to move the tray I had just pulled out of the oven without. an. oven. mitt.


I clutched my icy drink for dear life, using it as an ice pack on my blistered hand.  Fun!

We also made some other snickities, including that ridiculous cheesy dip, which was a warm leek and goat cheese dip.   Yum.

She really likes me.  Stop staring, Liz.

Earlier in the day, Liz and I had made some party props of mustaches, glasses, and hats on sticks. I know, so Pinterest of us.

Funny story: When I was, well… 16, my parents decided to throw me a surprise party for that oh so sweet 16.  It was a surprise because I totally tried to be all I don’t need a sweet sixteen party, they’re too expensive and I’m too cool for them, when really in my head I was all um, like, I wish I like, could have a wedding-like extravaganza where everyone shower me with like, material things because let’s be real that’s the only determinant of love.  So my parents read my mind, and threw me a party, because they are the greatest people on this planet. For some added fun/ridiculous-ness, my Dad had cropped a picture of my mouth smiling, blew it up, pasted about a hundred of them onto sticks, and passed them out to all my friends. When I walked into my surprise party, the entire room of people yelled “SURPRISE” at me with my mouth.  It was bizarre. Bizarrely awesome? It was then that I realized I didn’t need any gifts, just a room filled with friends and family staring back at me with my own smile plastered to each of their faces.

Anyways, we had a mini-photo shoot with our homemade crafts.

Uhhh excuse me sir, I must-ache you a question. (Dex? Quote that line.)

Liz and Lupo (two of my roommates) had also crafted this genious game of CLUE.  Yes, as in the board game.  No, don’t ask me how they figured out the rules/how to play, but I CAN tell you that it was so well done.  Bravo, pals.

Yes, the menorah was the candlestick weapon. That’s okay.

And of course, more mouth-watering crack cake by Carrie.

Kathleen had to skip town for Saturday (we missed her), but she did get me this adorable little vegan cupcake.

After cake and murders, we had to do a little dancing. With props, of course.

A little while later, we made it out to the bar.  I brought the mustache. Uh, duh.

Aside from the whole I’m-afraid-my-hand-is-about-to-fall-off moment, it was such an amazing night with ahmahzing frens.

Sunday day/dinner recap to come, but here’s a little sneak peak… Remember when I told you guys I was hungry, and needed a meal that would knock my socks off?  Let’s place a big fat check mark next to that item on my #firstworldproblems list.