Another Wednesday, already? Sheesh. That went fast.

AAaaaaarreee youuuu reaaaddddyyyyyy for another WIAW post?  (For the newcomers, WIAW is my way of trying to turn What I Ate Wednesday into a cool thing. Acronyms clearly do that.)

This morning I packed up all my goodies for the day in my handy, dandy Pyrex set (Best. Christmas. Present. Ever.). I’m such a good little commuter.

And then I stopped at Sbux, like a bad little commuter.   Try not to be too jealous of my highlighter collection.

Breakfast was a bowl of berries.

A little while later, I made myself a cup of peppermint tea.  My office building seems to think it’s 90 degrees outside, therefore requiring air conditioning, therefore requiring me keeping my hands wrapped around a hot mug all morning.

Not enough water today – just one bottle! Tsk tsk.

I was pretty hungry around 12:00, so I popped my edamame in the microwave (I buy them frozen) for my pre-lunch/snack. Pre-lunch? Who says that.

My morning/afternoon got a little wacky with meetings so I wasn’t able to eat my lunch until around 2:00.  I have been making an effort recently to slow down when I eat, and chew-chew-chew instead of chew-swallow, but that wasn’t happening today.  I had back-to-back-to-back meetings and I didn’t have too much time to eat like a civilized person.  But what I did taste was delicious!

In the mix went field greens, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, tempeh, and chives.

And then around 5:30 I had a glass of OJ.

After work, I stopped at a photography store downtown to check out a camera I’ve been thinking about buying.  I asked a few questions, longingly stared at the pretty tech gadgets, and walked away empty handed.  I’m the kind of person who  needs to research, make sure I’m buying precisely what I want/need, go back research some more, sleep on it, and then I’ll think about making the purchase.  Definitely not an impulse buyer.   Gum? Sure. Fancy cameras? Nu’uh.

I came home and considered going for a run, but opted for a quick yoga session instead.  Before yoga, I tried one of these samples I picked up at the race expo.


Dinner was a jam-packed veggie plate.  I think I eat too many sweet potatoes.

Aaand closed the day down with some dessert.

Beer on a school night.  I’m wild!

That’s all folks.  There was definitely a few handfuls of unpictured Cheez-its that I inhaled as my food cooked.  Obviously my dinner day wouldn’t have been complete without them.

Question: When buying big ticket items, do you tend to sit on the decision, or just bite the bullet?