I was such a fatty this weekend. I can’t even tell you how much I ate.  Well, wait, maybe I can.  I suppose that’s the point of this blog. BRB I have to go slip into my fat pants before I even start thinking about food again.

Saturday morning, I woke up and wanted to…run? I know, right? It was weird.  My blisters and my dignity had finally healed, and I was ready to lace up my kicks.  I had big plans to reclaim the second loop of my half marathon.  Last weekend at mile 10, my nausea and dead legs got the best of me thanks to Harlem hill, and I had to slow down.  This time around, I shortened my distance and did an easy four mile run, forcing myself to schedule in that darn hill.  I cursed all the way up it, but refused to stop.  Take that, you bully of a concrete mound.

After my run, I made a smoothie and a yogurt bowl for breakfast.  I threw a frozen banana, strawberries, peanut butter, and a handful of spinach into my smoothie.

A few hours later, a group of us made our way over the the East River to hop on the ferry.  We had plans to cross borough boundaries into the land of flannel, cuffed jeans, and craft beers.

We we were on our way to SMORGASBURG.  Also known as, the greatest place on earth in Williamsburg.

We had been to Smorgasburg back in November, so it was nice being there at the beginning of the season, when the weather was much warmer.  It was a freakishly beautiful day, perfect conditions for gut-busting eating.  On the ride over, we had to remind each other to pace ourselves.  We warned the Smorgasburg newcomers that the delicious options will be overwhelming, so it is important to take each bite with purpose.  Strategic eating.  Doing something silly like drinking water would be an amateur move.

When we first walked in some of the girls wanted cheese dogs, but I had my sights set on the pizza.  We decided to divide and conquer, and meet at the tables in the middle to feast.

And ohhhhh, conquer, we did.

It was absurd eating, deliciously absurd. We needed to sideline ourselves, and digest for a bit.

After a brief nap on the comfy concrete, we walked down the block to grab a drink before our ferry trip home.

(Jeeze sorry for taking pictures, bartender.  Thanks for the death stare.)

We rolled ourselves to the 5:00 ferry, and took shoulder naps during the 15 minute ride.

Once we got ourselves back into the city, we freshened and walked over to Carrie’s for some rooftop cocktails.

The view from Carrie’s roof is, meh, okay.

Next stop? College.

We ate a fashionably late dinner around 3:00 AM at the diner: disco fries, french toast, and mozzarella sticks.  It was well-rounded day of eating. Yeah, okay.  Well rounded with grease.

The next morning, I had a brunch date planned at Barbounia with a best friend Nicole.  And by “morning,” I clearly mean 2 PM.  She wanted to take me out as an early birthday celebration. Boozy birthday brunch? Yes, please.

On the way over, Nicole sang the praises of this spicy feta cheese dip they had there.  We ordered it as soon as the mimosas were poured.

Will someone please fill a pool with spicy feta dip for me? I want to bathe in it.  I think that I gained 5 pounds by just looking at the stuff.  Worth every bite.  I may have had a hundred bites too many.

I decided to pass on the breakfast dishes (although so many of their baked egg dishes looked out of this world), and go for the falafel.  The actual falafel was living underneath that creamy goodness.  It was a smart choice. Yum.

After eating, we made our way over to the bar, where they allowed us to keep drinking – for free!

Thanks for the birthday brunch, Nick! I love you.

See? I told you I had a weekend of serious eating.  Tomorrow the clean eating begins again.

It always starts tomorrow, doesn’t it?  Maybe I’ll be smart and start NOW.   Wait, does that mean I have to stop dipping my spoon into the cookie dough tub, like I did 17 times over the course of writing this? Shoot.  Ehhhh, I’ll start tomorrow.


Question: Who has been to a food festival like Smorgasburg?  What was your eating strategy? Did you have a favorite food you tried there?  Mine would have to be a toss up between the doughy donuts, and the pesto pizza.  I think I like to eat carbs.