Let’s do some WIAW, shall we? What, do you don’t know what WIAW is?  You don’t visit my blog every single day, clamoring to find out exactly what I ate?   No?  I don’t understand…

Okay, well let’s make a deal.  I’ll show you what I eat every Wednesday, or What I Ate Wednesday – WIAW.   Don’t get too excited, it’s nothing wiawing (I’m so funny).

Walking into work, I picked up a venti 2 pump pepp soy misto.   I even got specialty treatment with a Sharpie-d smiley on my cup!  I need to stop spending so much money at that place.

I also had about a cup of sliced strawberries for breakfast.  These were meant to top peanut-buttered toast, but my morning work schedule had other plans.

For lunch, I had a salad that included a veggie burger, orange bell pepper, strawberries, and a few roughly chopped raw almonds for some staying power.  Typically, I will try to include more protein in my lunches, such as tofu, tempeh or beans.

About an hour or two later, I had a 2% Fage greek yogurt.  I haven’t bought yogurt in a very long time, but I felt it was time for me to start including a little more protein in my diet.  Also, it keeps me away from the vending machine.

Dinner was a sweet potato and salad with an orange bell pepper.

For dessert, I had some leftover watermelon (from my race), and the last of my dark chocolate Easter bunny’s butt.   He didn’t stand a chance.

This day of eating for me was definitely on the lighter side.  On the days that I don’t have a happy hour or dinner out planned, I try and keep my eating really clean for balance.  For example, on Tuesday night I had margaritas, a thousand chips with salsa, and a quesadilla.  Tonight (Thursday), I have a happy hour plan that is also Mexican themed, complete with an open margarita bar, and all the guac you can handle.  Gimme.

Obviously, it’s important to me to eat a healthy and whole foods diet, but I think that sometimes it’s ok to relax and let the sugar-bombed frozen margarita take hold. Balance, people.

I have a few exciting post topics coming up, such as the story behind dairy protein (my greek yogurt up there). Also, I’d like to talk about a condition called Orthorexia Nervosa which I just learned about, and have become fascinated with. Most on that soon.

Question: How do you find your eating balance?  Do you try to be aware of your schedule and ensuring that you’re giving yourself enough healthy, whole foods weekly?