I’m sensing a theme here.  A theme that starts with leafy greens, and some healthy stuff on top.  I’ve become bored with my food. Gasp.

I’m almost certain the majority of this boredom is stemming from the book I’m currently reading: The Hunger by John DeLucie, who is head chef at the The Waverly restaurant here in New York.   Obviously, I’m only reading when I’m not getting a deep-tissue massage from the 79,475 people packed on the 4 train, or when I’m not delirious with a Tylenol PM-induced exhaustion after a long day, but when I do get the opportunity to read, it’s delicious stuff.

In The Hunger he writes about his career as a chef, and the restaurants he passed through on his way up the ladder.  I blame my current lunch sob-story on DeLucie’s paragraph after paragraph raving about the beautiful reduced sauces and stocks, summer-fresh vegetables, backyard herb gardens, and locally-sourced fish.  So many of the dishes he talks about, are simple, yet complex; allowing all the flavor to come through for each ingredient as they were made to taste in nature.  My mouth waters on the subway.  I think it’s time for my taste buds to come out of hibernation.

After becoming a vegetarian, it wasn’t necessarily difficult to put together meals, but it made me think differently about the components.  Things such as the main protein source of a meal, and taking the emphasis off carbs are always on my mind.  Throughout the process, it was fun learning about all of the  veggie-based recipes, and new ways to integrate all the plant-based protein sources I had been learning so much about (ie. seitan, tempeh) into my meals.

During the work week, this is what the majority of my lunches look like.  Sometimes I’ll get a sandwich if I’m feeling particularly adventurous.

I’m bored.  If I eat another veggie burger topped salad I’m going to scream.  I want complex, yet simple, beautiful food.  I want a meal that someone had to think about, and put their love into.

No, this isn’t a desperate cry for a dinner date (although who am I kidding, I wouldn’t turn you down), this is a desperate cry for a thought-provoking meal.  Am I crazy for craving something like this?  Of course I love my daily greens, but I just want a gorgeous meal where each bite is savored and is best thing I’ve ever tasted.

I don’t know where I’m going with this post, except to whine about the biggest #firstworldproblem I’ve ever had.

I’m free Friday night at 9:00.