Weekend recap, a day late.  Shame on me.  While I’m on this winning streak, I should mention here that I sort of didn’t take any photos this weekend.  I figured I could save you the boring photos, because it’s all stuff you’ve seen before.  It was basically a lot of beer and bread. Sorry, Mom.

Here is what beer and bread look like, because I know you were so curious.

Delicious. You surprised? Moving along.

After work today, I had 32948734509763487562345 carbs some stress to work off, and I knew there was one place that would bring it.  Bikram.  Bend it like, Bikram? No, sorry.  Dumb idea.

ANYWAYS.  Yoga. The hot kind.  I knew that it was going to be tough, but I was going in with a pretty strong head and felt like I could handle it.  Before class I had some whole wheat matzo (I know its random. But I just really like it, okay?) with strawberry preserves. I got all my gear together and walked to class.

As I mentioned, I was feeling positive before walking into this torture chamber.  Sure, I hadn’t been to Bikram in a few months, but that should be okay, right?

Wrong.  I got my ass handed to me. Badly.

First 15 minutes I felt my heart rate rise, and started to sweat pretty profusely. Okay, this is normal, I thought.  After a weird surge of energy, I decided to push myself a little.  Bad idea, bad, bad idea.  I have found that Bikram is a lot like running in that you have to pace yourself.  Push it too hard right out of the gate, and you’ll be sorry.

Fifteen minutes later I was standing perfectly still, with an alarmed look on my face, and my hand over my mouth… ready to hurl.  Not normal.

I took deep breaths, and tried to ignore the teacher yelling at me to get started again.  I couldn’t think straight.  It was torture, that freaking heat… And I paid for it?

I thought to myself, Alex, you’re going to be alright. Just hang in there and keep breathing (this was immediately after thinking, Alex, you are an idiot for subjecting yourself to this and now you are going to throw up. Don’t MOVE).

I got through it. I don’t know how, but after that 10 minute episode, I had survived.  Yes!

On the walk home I was telling my Dad how I nearly lost my matzo in class and he said, “isn’t all this running you’re doing supposed to help stuff like this?”

“Nope.  I don’t think running helps anything, except increasing your amount of medical bills.”

I was still feeling pretty queasy later on, so I had a lighter dinner: smoothie (strawberry, banana, blueberry, cinnamon, vanilla soy milk and protein powder) and a peanut butter and jelly MATZO.

I was looking for a challenge, and boy did I get one.  Thankfully it was a single-class challenge, and not a monthly unlimited one.  The horror.