My day at work included 8 hours of cross-eye inducing spreadsheets, and now my brain feels like the strawberry Jell-O we served at our Mad Men party. I’m going to try and muster up a few thoughts for you guys.  I know, I’m so nice… allowing you to come to my blog and read nonsensical thoughts things.  I’m a such a saint.

1. Don’t drink this. It’s gross.

2.  But do drink this. It’s delicious.

3. During my runs I’ve been fortunate enough to hear this new song by New Boyz.  Thank you Pandora.   I can only hope I’m lucky enough to find the man who says to me “I hope you don’t take this the wrong way, but you look better with the lights off.”   The moment I hear those sweet nothings words whispered into my ear, I know that I’ve found my Prince Charming. I’m sure of it.

4. Speaking of running, how is it possible that 3 miles still feel impossibly long after running more than 3X that? What I’m really trying to telling you guys is that I took a leisurely 3 mile stroll at 6 AM this morning. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy how why does that happen?

5. I want to know what everyone is doing on Monday nights without The Bachelor. Neeeeed me some over-dramactic, Cruella De Vil characters in my life. Maybe I’ll ask one of my roommates to get the Francine Frensky haircut, so that I can see Ben again.

6.  I’m a rabbit. Honestly, who eats this much lettuce?  If only I could find my way to this green stuff during the weekends. Meh, I take that back. I think I’ll stick to my diet of eating strictly cheese Friday – Sunday.

7.  When I cram myself on the subway in the mornings, I can hardly breathe, let alone open up a gosh darn book.  As a slight compromise, I’ve started listening to this podcast.  I can’t decide which is worse, throwing some elbows to get my book out, or laughing to myself with headphones in, like one of those cukoos you find in the asylum.  Either way, I’m a certified New Yorker.

8.  Can’t stop wont stop:

9.  It has literally taken me 3 hours to write this post.  Seriously.  No literally.  No, but literally seriously, I just tried to spell write, “right.”  I told you my brain was mush.  My roommates keep trying to talk to me and I just stare at them blankly, unable to form real words.  I’ve used all of them on this post.  That’s how much I like you guys.  Seriously.  Somebody buy me a thesaurus.

10.  This card was left on my desk today. I have the best friends. Paid, or not, these people still seem to like me.  Whaaa? Maybe it’s my Jell-O brain playing tricks on me.  Maybe not.

11.  You’ll notice this post was published after 12:00 AM, as in, I started writing this post Wednesday evening and finished it Thursday “morning.”  That might have to do with the amount of caffeine I consumed today.  Rough guestimate, but I’m assuming the total amount could have killed a small child.

12.  That’s right.  12 things. Not 10, but 12.  I told you I was feeling off.