After the strongest woman in the world ran ten miles, it was only proper protocol that we do a little celebrating that evening.  My parents took me out to Harvest for dinner.  Who knew hanging out with old people could be so FUN?! Just kidding Mom and Dad. Let’s be honest here and admit that if I didn’t have you two, I wouldn’t have any real friends.  Those other kids that spend time with me are just paid actors.  I pay top dollar for those better looking full-time ones too.  Hey, being cool isn’t cheap, you know.

Aside from the fact that it’s one of the only restaurants that is actually still open during Montauk’s winter season, it’s also one of my favorites.  The last time I was there was waaaay back when there used to be sunlight and warmth and swimming and ice cream. What was that called? Oh, right. Summer. I miss my tan.  Montauk also had their annual St. Patrick’s Day parade (better late than never?), so the crowd that evening was feeling eeextra rowdy.  My parents tried making reservations a few days ahead, but Harvest was fully booked.  We ended up sitting at the bar, which I actually preferred.

We started with a few cocktails (vodka gimlet for me – surprised?),  and some warm, hearty bread.

My mom and I split a salad to start (at Harvest you can order most dishes half serving or full – a full serving is enough for 2 -3 people).

We split the mussels for our main.  My Mom said she had been dreaming about the mussels since the last time she had them.  I thought they were preeeettty good, but The Dock definitely gives them a good run for their money.  We then all split the strawberry shortcake, which I apparently forgot to snap.

About halfway into our first cocktails, we started chatting with the couple sitting next to us.  They were Montauk locals, and owned the plant nursery that my parents had visited earlier in the day, and when my Dad started talking about it, our new friend said “yeah, that’s my place!”  And then their friends came in, and we met more Montauk-ians and chatted about who knew who and the accompanying embarrassing story they had to tell about so-and-so.  It was a lot of “Wait, you know this person!? We know these people, who have a house here, and their parents were the ones who instituted that,” and “Oh, really?  That’s so funny you say that because I grew up with that person who knows you!”

My parents just bought the house this past year, but we’ve been going out to Montauk since I was 2 months old.  While sitting up at the bar and chatting with the locals, I couldn’t help but feel that fuzzy, nostalgic emotion rise.   We finally are able to tell people where our house was, and not where we were staying. Even though I had grown up in New York,  I will always feel like Montauk is home for me. Perhaps at that point I had had one too many gimlets.

The next morning I woke with the sun (too many windows in our house), and enjoyed a lovely little breakfast.

Of course I had to have half of a blueberry muffin my Dad walked in with shortly after eating breakfast.

After chatting with our contractor for a bit, we hit the road.  I had to be home in time for MAD MEN.  Not just the show, but for our little celebratory cocktail party before the premiere of the season.  We couldn’t leave out the 60’s snacks – hence the cream cheesed celery and tooth-picked cheese cubes below.

I made myself this cocktail I have never had before – a vodka gimlet.  It was delicious!

Fantastic weekend, with a fantastic close.

Question:  Who watched Mad Men this Sunday?  What did you think?  Extra points if you watched the ep with a gimlet (or any 60’s cocktail) in hand.  Zubisoubisou.