According to my training schedule, I was scheduled to run 10 miles this weekend.  I was really looking forward to it considering how well last weekend went. On Friday, I made a last minute decision to join my parents in Montauk for the weekend.  After work, I quickly stopped back at my apartment for a few things, and then headed down to Grand Central to hop on a train home.  My parents picked me up from the station, and we hit the road! Not before they delivered this scene though…

They’re slightly insane.  Who doesn’t love their peanut buttered english muffin with a nice bottle of red?  Or rather, who doesn’t love their peanut buttered english muffin with an open container ticket?  Just kidding. We opened the wine later on, but it was a nice touch, along with a lit candle. In the car.  Like I said… slightly insane.

We arrived in Montauk a little after 9:00 and picked up some pizza before getting to the house.

I would use the carbo-loading joke again here, but that wasn’t funny.  SO, here you go. Pizza and a salad. I woke up the next morning early, and made myself breakfast, which was a cinnamon raisin english muffin toasted with peanut butter and fruit.  Coffee, of course.

I allowed myself to digest, and quickly got into my running clothes before I had time to really think about what I was about to attempt… for the second time.  I convinced my mom to run the first mile with me, which she successfully completed! Yahoooo, go Mom.  My Dad picked her up to “bring her to the emergency room” because obviously, there was no way, according to my Dad, that she could have run an entire mile without emergency medical assistance.

After they drove off, I plugged my headphones in, stretched out my legs, and took a deep breath.  I was going to finish this damn run even if I had to crawl the last five miles on my hands and knees.  I took off, and ran through town up to Montauk Highway where I would complete most of the run.

The first few miles were a little tough.  Once I hit five my body said to me “Alex? That’s enough.  We’ve hit five miles, and you usually never run past this. Okaaaay ha-ha, very funny. Wait… stop! What are you DOING?!!”  I said “SHHHH” and kept trekking along, determined not to slow down.  Which is when it responded: “Alriiiightyyyy then, I guess you plan on torturing me for a while. Let’s do this.” And then by some miracle around mile 6, it got a little easier.  Who am I kidding, it wasn’t easy, but I felt good.  I was really doing it.

I ate a Gu around mile 5.5, which I’m not sure really helped any energy levels, to be honest, but let’s just pretend.

I also had to say hi to someone along the way, so I made a quick pit stop.

Hi, beach! I hung around for a minute, catching my breath.  Then off I went, hitting the road again.

I started doing this really geeky thing, where after ever mile I completed, I gave myself a pat on the back.  It made me laugh out loud every time, because it would be a physical reminder of what a weird-o I was for physically patting myself on the back like a toddler. During miles 8 to 10, I did a big loop through town, and then ran to meet my parents at Joni’s for lunch. The last mile was slightly tortuous, but I finished it. YOU GUYS. I ran ten miles.  I’m the STRONGEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD. No exaggeration, obviously.

We did a little celebrating at Joni’s with some bubbles (seltzer). Apparently, my parents keep these plastic flutes in their car. You know for special occasions like when Mom runs one mile, and Alex gets off the train. Makes sense.

I also ordered a smoothie (bananas, mango, strawberries, soy milk & protein powder), and the veggie plate – I can’t remember what it was called.

I polished off the smoothie quickly, and ate about half of the plate before packing up the rest to go.  We got home, showered, and then took off for the beach!

There was this man a few hundred yards in front of us who was tinkering with this huge fan looking thing, and we watched him, wondering what he was attempting.  Then we saw a huge sail go up, a motor growl, and then he took off into the air!  And I thought my parents were maniacs.  I think this guy took the maniac-cake for the weekend.

Only in Montauk would you see something like this.  Montauk hipsters.  Always pushing that envelope.

Motor-parasailing man aside,  it was a lovely afternoon on the beach.

Back at the house, I had a little snack while blogging.

We have dinner plans tonight that I’m really looking forward to – that’s if we can get a table!

Hey guys, remember when I ran ten miles? That was awesome.