HANG ON.  An entire day, devoted to GREEN? Wearing, eating, and drinking my favorite color? You know I’m there.

Although I think the green I’ll be involving myself with will look a little less like this…

And a lot more like this.



I did get a chance to eat a little green today.

Fig jam, brie, and green apple. Oh yes I did.

Before I hunker down with my big mug of frothy, green beer on St. Patrick’s Day, I’m set to run 9 miles, which I haven’t done since… ever. I’ve never run that many miles.  What really I’m getting at, is that this was stress eating at it’s finest. You see, I’m a little nervous. My brie grilled cheeses usually only find themselves on my plate at 2 AM after too many margaritas. But tonight I decided I needed some suurrious carbo-loading to help fuel my trek.

Maybe it will help me survive my run in the morning.  And if it doesn’t? At least my last meal on earth was freaking delicious.