Sunday night, you’re a sneaky fella.  I could have sworn I was just walking out of my office building a few hours ago…

…and jumping on the subway to meet the girls at Flex (on 13th).

Flex has an after-work all you can eat mussels and half price drinks happy hour that goes until 7:00.  It’s button-popping.  And a must-go.

Saturday. After a little cajoling, I went for a run with Maggie.  Maggie is a freaking jack rabbit, and runs at the speed of light, hence the aforementioned cajoling it took to get me to run with her.  We ran a little over 5 miles, and according to her cockamamie calculations we were running at about a 9:00 min pace.  Oh but that’s not including the 2349856 walking breaks I made her take.  Hey, I warned her I ran like an old person.

Saturday night was dinner with the fam at The Smith Midtown (grainy iPhone pics, but I promise I’ll give you a few clear ones later).  I started with a Moscow Mule and got an arugula salad as my app. For my main, I ordered the vegetable bibimbap, which was basically a mash-up of veggies with sushi rice.  It was very filling, although I think that had to do with the 2 bites of my brother’s mac-and-cheese-cream-cheese-cheese. Rich.

It was so lovely catching up with my insane family.  Discussions ranging from KONY to The Bachelor.  Two tables over, there were girlfriends that had been axed from Ben’s season, along with AMES. Or flat-faced Ames as I like to call him.



After dinner I met a few friends downtown at The Summit Bar in Alphabet city, who has quite the team of mixologists behind the bar crafting cocktails. I crashed after 3 AM in a vodka-gimlet haze, being confused and alarmed at how quickly it got so late.  Ohhhhh right, we lost an hour, I remembered the next morning.  Thank you daylight saving.

And then came Sunday.  Also know as the best say EVER… which I kept announcing to my friends at 30-minute intervals.  We sat on our roof all. day. long.  It was a mimosa-drinking, bagel-eating, shenanigan-partaking day. Oh, and lots of dirty feet.

(Can you tell which one of my friends is the dancer?)

In an attempt to stretch the day out, I insisted on making everyone Sunday dinner.  I started them with toasted baguette, fig butter, cheddar, and green apple.

Next up was veggie spaghetti. I julienned all of the veggies, and ribboned the zucchini.  It was light but so yummy. I think this will be a perfect after-beach dinner with summer-grown vegetables.

And fresh pesto fettuccine.

Naturally, we couldn’t end our faux-summer day without some strawberry ice cream.

Has it been thirty minutes yet?  Did I tell mention that this was the best day ever?