Okay, the weekend recap.  I know, it’s a little delayed and you’ve just been DYING to know what went on. I’ve been receiving concerned texts and emails from all my outraged, avid readers…Hi Mom.  Here’s your weekend post.

Thursday night I saw Jersey Boys and it was fan-freaking-tastic.  Go see it if you have the opportunity.  I drank an expensive cup o’ wine out of a plastic sippy cup (no, really) and ate regular M&M’s from the theater’s concession stand.  Deelish. Oh what a night.

Friday night we went to a tiny tapas restaurant called Alta to celebrate Bridget taking the bar and her birthday. It was a bar-birthday celebration! I nearly walked passed the restaurant on my way there, because the doors looked like they belonged to someone’s home.

I started with a glass of wine, and then ordered a Mint Julep.  I could have also ordered Maker’s Mark with some mint leaves. Same thing, apparently.  Can you say, on the floor?

Forgive the grainy pics.  I was using my phone and the lighting was romantic dark.  We ordered a bunch of small dishes and everything was lip-smacking good.

Fried Goat Cheese with Lavendar Infused Honey

House-Made Pizza: Porcini Cream, Fontina, Crimini Mushrooms, Fried Garlic, Aleppo

I also tried the blistered Shisito peppers and the brussel sprouts.  Yum.

We traveled around to a few bars after dinner (where I tried a Norwegian Wood – delicious cocktail from Bobo), and then I crashed into bed.

Saturday, we had big plans! After popping a few Advil, and inhaling a large slice of Liz’s hangover-healing banana bread, we went on our way to the New York City Vegetarian Food Festival with Kathleen’s parents, Bridget, and her boyfren Tyler.

It was… interesting.  It was much more like a trade show, with informational booths that promoted companies that represent cruelty-free clothing and air and sun energy sources.  Not enough food. The few morsels that we did taste, were delicious.  Actually I take that back.  There was this one creepy greasy-haired, desperate woman who shoved her gluten-free, raw, vegan, cruelty-free granola in my face as I walked in.  It tasted like chalk.


Also, apparently by vegetarian food festival, they meant vegan.  It was still fun nonetheless! I think the highlight of it all was being able to hang out with the whole Kane clan.

After our gut-busting afternoon, we did what any normal New Yorkers would do – we got a bagel. But not just ANY bagel… BROOKLYN BAGEL. I had a whole grain with tofu veggie. If you’re in NYC, go to Brooklyn Bagel. GO!

After saying our goodbyes to the Kanes, Kathleen and I picked up some OJ for a leftover bottle of champagne we had, and took it all up to our roof to enjoy the sun.

We spent a few hours reading our books and gossiping about how much we hate Ben the Bachelor’s Courtney.  Solid afternoon.

Saturday night was some take-out and red wine.

Sunday was good food, and a good run.  I think my work on the treadmill was beginning to pay off a bit, because I ran 5 miles at a good pace. That’s saying a lot for me, considered anything over 2 miles makes me feel like I’m dying.

So as you can see, I was very busy this weekend…busy being ridiculously happy. I’m going to get a little rainbows and kittens on you for a second. I finally feel like I’m truly enjoying every morsel of my life. I know I have it made when my biggest current concerns include waking up too early to run, not being able to find the perfect dress for Saturday night, not packing the correct hummus to cracker ratio for lunch, and eating too much cheese.  No but literally. That’s it. Stop feeding me so much cheese.  You know I’m trying my best to be a sometimes vegan!

So if I forgo writing a post one night in order to sleep – please forgive me. I need to sleep because I have to wake up early to run. My life is very hard.