This past week, I’ve been sleeping like a baby on [double dose] Tylenol PM.  Almost immediately after I hop into bed … BAM. I’m out like a light. To be honest with you, it’s mildly alarming.  I wake up in the same. exact. position I fell asleep in, with slight recollections of wild dreams from the night before.  I usually only sleep this well when I’m on a cleanse. AKA when my body hates being conscious/aware of that fact that I’m depriving it.  So it thinks, let’s sleep! And then it asks for a solid breakfast.

Sooo…what gives?

I started a new position at work this week, so my brain is working over-time (yes, I sometimes use my brain, although you’re probably thinking that the ramblings on this blog do not subscribe to that.  I may or may not agree with you).   I’ve also been trying to do some speed work on the treadmill in preparation for my upcoming half-marathon.  Whose idea was that again?

I’m guessing this whole black-out-sleep experience can be attributed to:

#1 I’m thinking too hard.  Scratch that, I’m learning. My brain is expanding! And I’m really enjoying it.

#2 I’m forcing myself to run fast on that ugly machine that lives in the dark gym with that continuous rotating belt from hell. Or a treadmill. Whatever.

#3 I’m drinking an enormous amount of water. And tea. And that coconut stuff that is supposed to be good for you.

#4 I have been eating enough leafy greens for 5,789 rabbits.  That’s a lot of rabbit food, my friends.

Yes, these are all meals from this Monday through Friday.  Crazytown, huh? On Sunday, I went home for my Grandmother’s birthday and ate my weight in cookies.   On Monday, I felt really sluggish/grumpy.  I knew exactly what to do, and took some cues from the name of this blog I started.

Not able to sleep at night? Stressed out?  Exhausted during the day?  Here let me help you.

#1  Use your brain.  Challenge yourself.

#2  Run your heart out.  Challenge yourself.  Even if it’s just for a mile or two, do what you can.  Run, Forrest, RUN!

#3  Drink your liquids. Challenge your bladder.


 Oh, and a very important #5: Don’t forget to set your alarm ringer on LOUD.  You’re going to need it after this black-out sleep.

Happy dreaming!