First of all, HELLO to my new followers! Welcome to my completely sane, not crazy at all, super cool blog.  I’m totally normal. Let’s be frenz.

Please hang out with me?

Cool? Cool.

Now that I have haven’t scared you away with my pretty face, let me show you what I ate today.  I haven’t done a daily eats post in a while, but after stocking up and being armed with a fridge full of new groceries, I’m prepared to show you what’s in my brown bag.

Typically for my work lunch, I’ll make a hodgepodge of veggies and a grain to throw on top of greens. Monday night, I sauteed together a mixture of quinoa, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and tempeh.  Tuesday morning I added avocado to place on top of the mixed greens.

Packed up in my bag went my salad, a banana, dates, and Mary’s Gone black pepper crackers with a mini Sabra hummus tub.  Oh and my not-nerdy-at-all bright blue Thermos for coffee.   I’m trying to cool it with the Sbux habit.

I was planning on just eating the banana for breakfast, but then decided I was actually hungry (whoever is eating just a banana for breakfast, come see me… we need to talk). I grabbed some whole grain toast with peanut butter, and strawberries from my caf at work.

Lunch was that hodgepodge of scrumptiousness.

What? That’s not a word?

Snack was crackers and that baybeh Sabra tub.

Earlier in the day, my coworker told me she had some extra juices that she wasn’t going to be able to drink before their expiration.  I did her a favor (she needed that extra room in her fridge!) and picked up these Blueprint juices ($$$):

They’re so pretty.

I think I have a whole new appreciated for pre-made juices.  Especially delicious, pre-made juices that I didn’t have to pay for/slave away in the kitchen for.  I may be omitting a little here by not telling you how freaking EXCITED I was to snag these babies.

Somebody stop me.  No, but really… don’t.

Newborn child or Blueprint juices? This can’t be healthy.

Remember earlier when you agreed to be my friend? I swear I’m cool.


I chugged my first baby at my desk.  Yum.

Dinner Tuesday night was far less inspiring.  Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger (gluten-free), salad with shaved carrots, and sweet potato fries.  I seasoned the fries with some chili powder and paprika (and then smothered them in ketchup). I typically buy the normal veggie burgers, but I decided to try the gluten free ones to switch it up (I live life on the edge) and I found the GF ones to be very greasy.  Anyone else agree?

Dessert was an attempted chocolate protein mug cake, that went un-pictured because it was a miserable fail.  All in all, a good day for my plate. Getting back to work wasn’t too bad, but having that extra day on the weekend was awwwwwful nice.

Someone just got home from their after-work happy hour, and I think she wants to play.