After finishing up my super-fun cleanse (you live and you learn, right?), I found myself appreciating the little things, such as a real meal.  And chewing.  #cleansinggirlproblems.

The things I was grateful for this weekend include (other than putting a fork to my mouth instead of a straw):

1. Gretchen was crazy enough kind enough to let me write a guest post (!!!!) about my veggie loving origins while she vacations in Harry Potter land. Ch-ch-ch-ch-eck it out here.

2. A fancy lunch out with Mom on Friday, at Bryant Park Grill.

(White sugar. GASP. I know… but, somehow I survived.)

I love doing nice lunches out, because it feels so indulgent.  Fancy dinners are nice, but there is something about enjoying a beautiful meal before taking on the second half of your day.  Thanks for lunch, Maman!

3. New York

4. After work dinner and margaritas at La Palapa.  My dinner photograph didn’t come out well, but let’s just say there was a cactus leaf on my plate.  That must mean it’s an authentic Mexican restaurant.

5.  Saturday morning gluten-free pancakes for Maggie.

6.  My Saturday run in Central Park. Spring time fake-out.

7.  McFlurry.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

Wait, maybe I am sorry.  Forgive me?

8. Beer on Sunday night at Swig.

9.  Cookies from Insomnia.  Because who doesn’t love a good chocolate chip cookie with their ale? Totally okay to smuggle in a pizza box filled with cookies to the bar.

10.  Bodegas.

11. A fridge full of new groceries (this bag x2).

12. This Valentine’s day card from my boyfriend. Let’s be real, it’s from my parents.

13. THREE DAY WEEKEND.  Thanks, Presidents.

14. My frenz. Olive them.

I’m off to run some errands and take a run in ze park.

What did everyone else do this weekend? More importantly,who is excited for THE BACHELOR tonight?! I ❤ Ben. I don’t ❤ his hair.