Sunday morning, we decided we needed to put something in our stomach other than that pink bubbly stuff.  Off to Julian’s we went.  Oh wait, nevermind, because Providence likes to do this really fun thing where they make everyone wait an hour at every. single. one. of their restaurants before they can sit down to eat.  It makes the food taste better.  We walked down the block to Seven Stars Bakery to grab some coffee while we pouted waited.

Soy latte deliciousness.

Aaaaaand back to Julian’s. At this point I was sure of two things: there is only one good brunch place in Providence where everyone piles into late on Sunday morning, and second, the only way to get a table at this place is to be good friends with one of the owners.

We didn’t have the friend hook-up,  so after letting everyone else in Providence sit down to enjoy their meals, we sat down to ours.  This place was hoppin’.  I had to look at the clock to make sure it wasn’t actually 1:00AM instead of 1:00 PM.  People were up at the bar drinking beer and Julian’s specialty house-made mimosas… the waiters (looking like they were plucked from Williamsburg, BK) were squeezing past the crowds of people who has been shooed into corners, and the (well-selected) music was blasting.  I promptly ordered a bloody mary while looking over the menu (shaky picture… Advil hadn’t kicked in yet).

One of the cool things about Julian’s, was all of the vegan options they had on the menu.   At “normal” restaurants, I happily order the vegetarian selections, but it was nice to have vegan ones in there too.  It was also cool not feeling like a vegan leper; ordering off a menu that lists a bacon cheeseburger as a main course.  Don’t get me wrong, I really do love going to those raw,vegan, local, and organic restaurants, but why should vegans be left out of all the rowdy, 1 PM beer-drinking crowds!? Do  vegans drink at their restaurants? Green juices don’t count.

For my main, I ordered the “General Tsofu:” a tofu scramble in General Tso’s sauce, with house made kimchi, baby mustard greens, shiitake mushrooms, & cashew butter.  Anything made with cashew butter, you know has to be a serious vegan dish.

Verditct?  Pretty vegan-licious/delicious.

I had a pretty satisfying eating weekend in Prov, considering we went to the two best restaurants there (and so did the rest of the town).  If you ever visit, go try Julian’s.  Try a bloody mary.  Try to make a reservation.

Pink champagne is optional.  Reservations are optional.  Best buddies are mandatory.