This weekend I traded in the Big Apple for Providence, Rhode Island, to visit one of my best high school friends.  I made the trip with another HS bestie, Jena.  Sometimes it’s nice to leave NYC,  where you realize that it’s possible for people to walk at a non-competitive pace, and where everything feels like it’s half price.

It took us about 3 hours to get to Lauren’s apartment, and about 3 minutes to find our way to the bar.  I ordered a simple vodka gimlet martini.

We also munched on some hummus and pita as we caught up.  After drinks, Lauren took us to a small park where we watched the sun go down over Providence.

We then stopped to pick up some pink champagne, as a pre-dinner dressing drink (you know, a dressing drink?  Drinks you drink while getting dressed for the night..duh).  Girls weekend! Hay! Pink champagne, sure why not.

After too much pink champagne, and not even really getting dressed (unless an extra coat of mascara counts?) we skipped our way over to The Duck & Bunny for dinner, only to find out there was about an hour wait.  Que to run to the bar (or ‘bah’, if you’re speaking in a New England accent) next door for that laaaaast pre-dressing-pre-appetizers-pre-doing-anything-other-than-eating drink.

We finally made it into the restaurant, and snuggled our way into the tiniest corner of the place (which I think used to be a house, so there is a kitchen, sitting, and dining room set up).  We promptly ordered a bottle of Cupcake wine, because when you are at a restaurant with a tag line such as “a snuggery,” you must order an equally fluffy-named wine.  Also, because clearly at this point we had to round out our alcohol types: champagne, beer, wine.  I think we’re missing tequila in there, but don’t you worry, we got to that later.

We ordered a large salad to share, and our own entrees… which we felt like took an eternity to arrive.  Although it seemed like that was a technique that worked well for D&B… make them wait, and then EVERYTHING will taste and feel better.  Well, they got me.  I was obsessed with this quaint little restaurant, and I was obsessed with the food. I inhaled my salad (which was just a basic field greens salad), and quickly snapped a shot of my dinner before forking it.  I ordered The Mazzy Star crêpe: portobello, fontina with rosemary and truffle oil.

This crêpe tasted like… like God himself had whipped it up for me in the kitchen.  It was as if he granted this one crêpe to be the most delicious tasting crêpe of all crêpes.  I’m not sure if it was all the champagne, or all the champagne, but this little baby was ecstasy on a plate. I’m drooling typing this.  Please, if you are ever in Providence, go try Duck & Bunny.  God said you should.

We stayed for a while, and after giggling ourselves silly at the restaurant, we walked our wine-y selves back to Lauren’s apartment for a little dancing and more pink champagne before heading out to meet all her friends at the bah.. I mean bar.

It was one of those nights where we laughed like idiots the whole night through.  You know those times, where you know it’s ridiculous to run up and down the street screaming obscenities but just don’t care how dumb you look, because gosh darn it, this is fun?  I don’t know, maybe it was the fact that I knew I wasn’t going to bump into so-and-so, or that I had no super-exclusive NYC bar to run off to, but it was really nice.  I think I’ll blame it all on the pink champagne.

Next post, I’ll tell you about the morning I survived the night of too much champagne, and the delicious brunch spot that cured it all.