I look forward to Christmastime each and every year.  I don’t have to explain it to you, because you get it.  It’s red and green, it’s warm and fuzzy, it tastes like peppermint and gingerbread.

I was out on Friday night having a fuzzy time with all of my high school girlfriends, and my bag got stolen.  This included my baby iPhone, which held all of my beloved cupcake photos, as well as videos of my family friends standing around a piano late on a Monday night singing “It’s a Wonderful World” after one too many carafes glasses of house Chianti.  Gem of a video.  After the reality of what happened eventually sunk in, I felt violated.   I would forget about it for a little while, and then would feel that kick in the stomach after the memory came flooding back.  No more iPhone. No insurance to cover my butt. Why did this happen now, at Christmastime?  How would I survive?!

On Christmas Eve I sat in my living room staring back at the tree, with its sparkly ornaments and warm lights mocking me with their cheer.  I glared at the tree, while simultaneously doing a sloppy wrapping job on the presents that were to be given out the next morning. I was angry, and was taking it out on the unsuspecting boxes while folding over one too many “extra” corners of wrapping paper, and using more tape than Santa’s elves.  I went to bed that night feeling like I had just been broken up with, left behind, by the one and only true love of my life.  Okay fine, slight exaggeration, but I am writing a blog aren’t I? Blog = emo.  I don’t care.

The next day, my family poured into my house, and I forgot about that iWhatever. Instead, I was distracted by stories of which American Dolls were left under the tree from Santa, over-cooking of the brussel sprouts paranoia, throwing my 5-month old cousin Jack into the air, and never-ending searches for that darn wine bottle opener.  The phone, the money, the bag – it’s not important.  This is what is.

So, this Christmas, I decided to hit the record button instead of snapping photographs of my food.  I think I’m more articulate in the editing room than I am on a keyboard,  so I’d like to show you what I’m thinking. The first video is of Christmas day, and the second is a little project from a quick 20 hours spent in Montauk post-holiday, doing what is worth the most to me. No insurance required.  Enjoy.