It’s supposed to be Winter here in New York.  Although the temperatures haven’t been necessarily staying true to that, the daylight (or lack there of), is right on key.  I leave my apartment in the morning with that dull, hazy winter light following me to the subway.  By the time I walk out of my office  at the end of the day, it has already been dark for two hours.  What I’ve been eating is a reflection of  this winter light; not very exciting stuff.  Mostly because I haven’t been feeling too inspired by the lack of good food photography light, but also because I’ve been covered in a blanket of candy canes, birthday cakes, and holiday cookies. Don’t judge.

My calendar has been filled up with holiday parties, happy hours, birthdays and Chritsmas tree chopping.

Company holiday party at The Standard

Office birthday for T-Bone (Erin)

After work Margaritas, just because.  They’re kind of green.  That’s Christmas-y, right?

Late night, Christmas party

And Christmas wouldn’t be complete without…

our green tree.