I got through the second and third days of my cleanse unscathed (for the most part).  Waking up on day 2, I was pretty hungry.  But I have to say, throughout the 3 days, I was never starving.  I think eating actual food really helped.  Although I wasn’t eating much, it still felt nice to put a fork in my mouth once a day.

Breakfast for all three days was this bar.  Without starting my day with this bar, I think I would have pounced on my neighbor’s bagel.

Mid-morning green.

Lunch.  Day 2 & 3.

Around 2:00 on the second day, I was smacked with a massive headache.  I very rarely get headaches, so I knew this was a sign that this cleanse was doing something, right (?).  But this headache was not to be reckoned with.  It eventually subsided later that evening, but ouch, that hurt.

I had hoped that the afternoon “thirst quencher” would do the trick, but no dice.  This juice was probably my favorite.  Sweet and tart.

And then that good green stuff again at 5:30. I have been at work a little later than usual, so by the time I got home, I was eating the soup by 8ish. The vegetable soup was DELECTABLE.  I felt like Remy in Ratatouille.  My background went black, and with each animated swirl I could taste a new ingredient.  I was starving, wet from my umbrella-less walk home, and cranky.  Perfect setting for soup, no? Tuesday night was veggie soup, and Wednesday was chipotle sweet potato. Chipotle soup was tres spicy.  My lips were definitely burning in between spoonfuls.

Throughout the day I probably drank 9 cups of hot water with lemon.  I’m thinking I might start doing this post-cleanse, because I found it to be really comforting and delicious.  Also, good for digestion!

Last juice but not least, the milkshaaaake! On both nights a decided to make it a bit more of a milkshake, and add the juice with some ice to my blender. Yum.

Conclusion: I would recommend this cleanse if you’ve been wanting to try a cleanse, but aren’t looking for anything too intense.  I felt a slight lift in energy, which was encouraging when taking into consideration the no coffee rule.  Your body needs energy to digest food so when you’re giving it small, yet highly nutritious bites, it doesn’t take as much energy to digest and process in your body.  This gives you more energy to put into your Excel spreadsheets. Hip hip horray!

I would be interested to see how I would react to an all juice cleanse, but to be honest, I don’t think I have the discipline.  Overall, this cleanse will get you back on track, and help you feel a little lighter.  Try it!  I cannot keep my eyes open.   Cleansing is tough work.