I woke up starving on the morning after Thanksgiving.  I mean, I had eaten practically nothing the day before so it made sense that I needed a big breakfast… ha. My brother had thrown together some pancake mix, so I made myself some waffles on our waffle maker.  I remember eating these same heart-shaped pancakes when I was little, so I’d say we’ve had this waffle make for about 10-15 years.

We used to have this awesome powdered sugar shaker, and would inevitably cover our waffles under a 2-inch thick layer of the stuff.  When we took our plates off the table, you could see the outline of where the plate sat, with sugar covering the dining room table.  My mom really loved that. This time around I opted for a lighter, more adult dusting of sugar, if there is such a thing. And I had to add some blackberries on top.  I put the blackberries on the stove for a few minutes with some sugar and water.

After my light breakfast, I shuffled around the house for a bit and then convinced myself to go on a run.  My two month unlimited Bikram pass had expired, so I figured it was time for me to start getting my lungs back in shape.  I am chewing around the idea of running a half marathon in March… I may or may not spit the idea back out.  I ran an easy 3 and a half miles around my neighborhood.  Yeah, totally easy…right.

I had also just bought a Spibelt that I was eager to try out.  Typically when I run, I just bring my iPod, keys and Garmin.  I don’t carry any money or ID, which obviously is not the smartest idea.  I can hold my phone, an ID, AND money in this guy.  So money. It was very lightweight; I could hardly feel it. Strap it on, and you’re good to go! (twss)

Kissing my huge guns. Huge.

We were having family friends over for dinner that night, so after my run, I went to a local Farmer’s Market with my Mom to grab some goodies for dinner that night.  My mom said I looked like a kid in a candy store running around like a maniac throwing produce in our cart.

There was this new natural foods/vegan store nearby that I wanted to stop in to grab a juice.  When I was contemplating what kind of juice I wanted, there was this 10/11 year old girl who was ordered herself some lunch and said, “Can I please have the large container with kale, tofu, quinoa and those sprouts? Can you put a little more kale in?  Oh, and do you have any lentils today?”  I was practically beaming with pride for this mini-stranger. Her Mom was definitely creeped out by this stranger who was staring at her daughter with a huge smile on, but I was in such disbelief that a girl her age actually wanted to eat that green stuff that parents typically have to bribe their kids with candy to eat.  It was the exact opposite feeling, yet the same fired-up reaction I have when I see kids eating powdered donuts for breakfast on the subway to work.  I was so proud of this little vegan!

The juice was carrot, apple, beet, kale, ginger, lemon and a wheat grass shot.

Before serving up our main dish: pasta with broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes (which I totally spaced on taking a picture of, sawry!), I wanted to make everyone kale chips… do you think we got enough kale? I also prepped up some guacamole and bruschetta.

I think I forgot to take pictures of all the food because I was too distracted by the vodka gimlets we had whipped up! They’re my favorite.

It was a night of ridiculousness spent with our best family friends.  My brother tried to make ice cream by putting cream, sugar and vanilla in a bag and shaking it up with ice (maybe it will work next year Dex, it’s tradition), and we spent most of the evening talking like idiots after watching this. Enjoy.