Okay, first of all, how much do I owe you for my therapy session last week? My apologies, as I was having a semi-rough stint at work (clearly) and took it out on my unsuspecting readers.  After writing that post, I had a work-epiphany, and am feeling much better about everything. Basically, you won’t find me weeping on the subway floors anytime soon.  At least for this week.

Back to the good stuff.  FOOD! The biggest feast of the year, Thanksgiving, has finally come.  In the days leading up to it, I worried about that teeeeeeny staple that this holiday has been built around, the turkey.  Would Thanksgiving be the same without it?  Could I avoid sneaking a small sliver of that greasy, tender bird?  Would my parents find me frantically searching the fridge later that night, looking for that Tupperware holding the leftovers (that we all know taste better than what was eaten at the dining room table earlier that evening)?

When it came down to it, I stayed away from the bird.  I became a vegetarian for a reason, and maintained my beliefs in the face of this gobble-icious holiday.  Besides, I had this butterball turkey to munch on.

The newest member of our family, Jack.   He is very yummy.

We held Thanksgiving at my Aunt’s house, and boy did she outdo herself. She kept pulling tray after tray out of the oven filled with delicious looking dishes.  The older I get (and the more I cook), the more I am aware of how much time and effort goes into cooking spreads such as my Aunt did today.  We all brought a little something, but she did all the heavy lifting.

And she did it all without breaking a sweat.  She even went out of her way to make me my own stuffing sans-sausage.  What a gem. Thanks for making today so tasty, Aunt Barb!

I somehow managed to fill up that empty space on my plate where the turkey would have lived. Poooooor vegetarian girl.  Psh.

Oh wait, I forgot to mention the FIVE pies, pumpkin rolls, cookie cake, and caramel sauce all made from scratch.  She doesn’t mess around in the kitchen.

After dessert, I rolled over to the couch and fell asleep (with a glass of wine in my hand).

When I got home, I made myself some tea to help digest things a little.  I was feeling quite round, if you will.

Oh, and what I’m thankful for… hmm.

I’m going to be really original with this one.

My family. Duh.