1. When planning a surprise mini-engagement party, it’s best to stick to the basics.  Like pizza with homemade sauce.

I made the sauce by throwing a clove of garlic, 1 cup crushed tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and fresh oregano (1-2 sprigs) in a blender (food processor would actually work better here). I rolled out some whole wheat pizza dough and cooked it for about 7-10 minutes before topping it with the sauce, and fresh mozzarella cheese and put it back in the over for about 10-12 more minutes. Garnish with a leetle more oregano. Guaranteed to make everyone happy.

2. On nights in, you can never have enough champagne.

…or funfetti cake.

3.  Every once in a while, salads can really be delicious. Weird, I know. It’s okay to like them. I won’t tell on you.

4.  Sometimes when you’re sitting in Bikram and feel so frustrated that you could cry (and probably could because no one would know the difference between sweat and tears), it’s imporant that you eat that huge bowl of cereal you had been been thinking about for the last 30 minutes of class.  And then have a huge piece of leftover funfetti cake (it’s just so good).

5. Couscous is delicious!  Why did no one ever tell me how delicious it is!?  I chopped up a red onion, and cooked the couscous in a saucepan with vegetable stock. And a boatload of pepper, just cuz.  Yum.

6.  When you get out of meeting on the other side of town at 6 PM, still have to get back to the office, cannot get a cab because people keep running in front of you stealing them, and have to walk back to the office in the rain (with iPads and laptops, while holding a half broken umbrella)… that’s okay,  just breathe.  And go home and take it out on a sweet potato.  Making some really unique looking fries.

Also, this helps.