Summer is over. Say it isn’t so.

I spent the first official summer weekend in Maine, so it was only appropriate to bookend my summer with a long weekend in THE “vacationland.”

I’m fortunate enough to have a bestie/roomie/girlIspendwaytoomuchtimewith whose parents live right on the beach up in Saco, Maine. Road trip! This summer has been the perfect cocktail of beach time with after-work rooftop happy hours. It wouldn’t make sense to end the summer sitting in our small NYC apartment, so we snatched up the opportunity to skip town.

Her parents were such gracious hosts (as they always are) and have basically taken me on as a third child this summer. It’s so nice to get out of this stress-inducing city, and spend time with such a wonderful family (cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandmothers included)!

Not only was this a vacation from the city, but it was also a vacation from my daily city green (attempted) diet. This weekend, I fully embraced the sourdough, pastry, and potato chip diet… And loved every bite of it.  I think that it’s important to allow yourself to really indulge every once in a whole (hello strict cheez-it diet from hurricane weekend). As long as you’re not eating McDonald’s 365, you’re okay. That does not mean however, that you should be eating kale for every meal either. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the health-crazed lifestyle, and so I believe it’s a good idea to let go a little bit. Otherwise, you’re going to drive yourself cuckoo cuckoo, girlfriends.

Onto some MMM’s from the weekend…

Thursday night we got in around 1:30 AM. And K’s parents were waiting up for us. Not only that, but they had set up dinner for us! What gems. We all chatted for a bit, and then crashed with bellies full of pizza, salad, and wine.

Friday was spent on the beach, and we had a light lunch of some sharp cheddar and baguette with slices of nectarine on top.

Mrs. K also makes the most deliciously rockin’ coleslaw.

That evening we decided to venture into Portland. It’s such an adorable city that has that come-on-in-and-hang-with-us feel. We walked around for a bit in that glorious pre-fall weather.  You know, that time of year where you can feel the relief by those who are no longer weighed down by that sticky summer heat. Blech. This season that we are creeping into is my favorite, by far. It feels so deliciously clean.

K and I had dinner at Duckfat. Judging by restaurant name, I was obviously worried the menu wouldn’t appeal to a vegetarian, but not for long, because they pulled through.

We ordered some wine, and to start I ordered the special which was a curried sweet potato soup with toasted coconut. Can you tell that someone is ready for autumn already?

For dinner I had the vegetarian panini which was hearty and satisfying.

After dinner we met up with some of K’s hometown friends at the bar next door: East Ender.

Fun night.

Saturday was more beach, and ice cream. Can’t leave out the ice cream while on (the last?!) summer vacation.

That evening, we spent time at K’s family house where they had an impressive dinner spread. To avoid looking like that weird girl who takes pictures of food… well wait, I am that weird girl. To avoid explaining why I’m so weird to these innocent family members, my camera stayed in my bag. For once, it was refreshing spending a night chatting with adults over civilized conversation, rather than chatting with half-drunk frat bros over a bar’s bass.

Sunday morning, Mr. K brought us goodies from Scratch.

This is where the sourdough came in.  These bagels were freakishly good.  Freakishly enough, their homemade herb cream cheese was even better.

The rest of the day was spent beaching (we were serious about getting our end-of-summer tan on).  Later, we had K’s Aunt’s birthday dinner. Dinner was compiled by the K family house chefs, and was absolutely delectable.

We devoured this dip before dinner which was a layer each of cream cheese, salsa and cheese (definitely not vegan).

We also had the yummiest carrot cake known to man. MMM. (Happy Birthday to Aunt Jane!)

After dinner, K and I wandered down to the pier for a drink, which went undocumented due to distracting conversations. However, it would be ludicrous for me not to document this FRIED DOUGH. Delicious doughy treats are not just for mornings, you know.

Last day of the weekend was, you guessed it, spent on the sand. We also had Starbucks sitting on the sand, which is how I would expect Heaven to resemble.

Last vacation lunch was a sandwich, known to Mainers as an “Italian.”  AKA veggies (or whatever) in a gooey, soft roll.

All in all, a wildly successful & delicious Labor day weekend that reached new heights.

Could not have been better.

Now…where are my gym sneakers?