It’s been a while since I’ve shown you my eats for a whole day, and I know you have been DYING to know what has been on my plate, right?  All my adoring fans?  All 15 of you?

Breakfast was a smoothie.  I usually make one every morning, unless my blender is in a bad mood and decides that it doesn’t feel like working, then I’ll grab toast from my caf.  Seriously, my blender only works when it is not mad at me.  It has no rhyme or reason.

In this guy went frozen strawberries, blueberries and bananas with some peanut butter and cinnamon. I drink it when I get to work, and it usually keeps me full all morning.  On the way in, I stopped at the ‘Bucks and ordered a soy misto. Mmmm.

I used to try and limit my Starbucks fix to only two or three times a week, but I have officially given up any will power, and allowed the ‘Bucks monster to grow into a full blown addiction.  I need it to survive, and I am not ashamed.  This green and white cup gives me so much happiness.

For lunch I ordered my perfect sandwich. Whole grain bread with hummus, honey mustard, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, avocado and red onion.

I am obsessed with this sandwich.  I always eat it way too fast and then my co-workers have to listen to me complain for the next hour about how full I am.  They are either listening to me complain about my full stomach, or listening to me sing along to my showtunes Pandora station all afternoon long. I’m a staff fave.

Around 3:30 I always do another Starbucks run.  Oh you thought I had Sbucks issues before? Whatever, I could have much worse things happening in my life than being addicted to that Siren.  Also, everyone else in my office needs their coffee break too! If everyone else is doing it, that makes it okay for me to do it too, right?  Oh hush.

Iced soy chai, get in mah belly.

After work I will typically rush off to a yoga class, or head to the park for a run, but summertime has a different protocol, and is usually filled with after work happy hours and sitting outside relaxing.  Tonight was no exception.

I went to Ayza with a few people… it ended up being delicious! But the service was terrible, and they weren’t very nice.  Don’t worry, I totally threatened the waitresses and said that I would ruin Ayza’s reputation with my insanely well-renowned and prestigious food blog if they didn’t bring us the bread basket immediately.

After a couple of glasses of wine, loaves of bread, cheeeeEEEeeese, and some serious chocoalate desserts later, I was happy.

I wandered home, and as I was walking up to my apartment, realized that I had forgotten my keys. Saweet.  Being that it is summertime, and no one is ever home, I knew I was going to be locked out for a little while.  I meandered down to my health food store and picked up some snacks to munch on (plus co-co-nut to put in my smoothies).

These snacks are oh so salty, and oh so delicious.  For some reason, whenever I buy these things, I can’t stop myself from opening them right away.  So that usually means as I’m walking out of the store, hence the opened bag. I really like seaweed.

I also realized that I hadn’t eaten that many greens today, so I decided to DRINK them.  You probably think these juices are gross, but I have really learned to love them.  They pack so many nutrients in one cup! Plus, lemon can make any green juice taste delicious.

And that’s all folks! After watching too many hours of real world road rules challenge (my roommate is obsessed and I got lured in), it is time for bed.

GOOD NIGHT!  Don’t forget to eat your greens, my babies!