My brother is heading back to school in a few days, so I took the train up to meet my family for a goodbye lunch.

Maybe one of these days we’ll get it together.

Location was Ruby’s in Rye.  This is one of my favorite restaurants to go to when I’m home.  You can always count on Ruby’s for a cozy atmosphere, and a good meal.

And sometimes, if you’re lucky, good company.

And just like that, summer is over.  Remember summers when you were little? Ice cream cones for three months straight, jumping in the pool and laying on the pavement to dry out, cook-outs on the beach.  And then finally, after what felt like years, you would be in the car with your Mom, driving to pick out your first day of school outfit. Now instead of endless ice cream, I get endless market share reports.

These days, my weekends have to count as a mini-summers.  I’ll take what I can get.