Where do I go to de-stress?

Food shopping!! I know, it’s weird.  I really dislike shopping for clothes, but food?  Gimme.

When I was walking to Fairway tonight I called my Mom to tell her I was going food shopping and she said “Aw, I’m sorry.”  I then went on to explain that I like it.  I wander the aisles with a goofy grin on my face.  It just makes me happy.  How could this not make you happy?

I got in trouble for taking photos in the store… but kept doing it anyways. I’m not one to deny myself happiness, or happy food photos.

They had so many organic, gluten-free, vegan options.  I may or may not have skipped down the aisles.  I spent a good hour just roaming.  One of the workers even asked me “You’re still here? Do you need help finding something?” I made up some obscure food.  Actually though, I was looking for Umeboshi vinegar.  Does anyone know where I can find some, or what a decent substitute is?  I think this store had anything but that darn vinegar.

Anyways, I tried out a new vegan recipe tonight… but I’m feeling hesitant to share.  I don’t know if its truly up to the AEG par.

However, never fear, for there was no shortage of green.

I apologize for my lackluster post.  I think my brain is mush.  Story:  Around 8:00 PM tonight, my computer crashed.  All my screens froze, and that little hourglass thinggy would not go away.  I was worried I would lose all of the work I had just done, so I called my tech department to help my struggling computer and he said “You’re working your computer too hard.”  I’m working my COMPUTER too hard? What about my brain? My sanity? Because at that point, my mental stability was definitely past the spooling hourglass, and closer to crashing. Food shopping anyone?

I’m exhausted.  I think I used up all my energy skipping down the “All-Natural/Organics” aisle.