Happy Hump Day! or Happy Wednesday (not as fun).  On Wednesdays, whenever I say “Happy Humpday!” to the woman who works at the register in my cafeteria, she says “Happy Happy!”  Either she has no idea what I am talking about, or she feels awkward saying hump.

Anyways, todays happy happy meals were pretty blah.  I’m leaving for vacation on Friday, so I’m trying to eat all my perishables before I leave.

Breakfast, lunch, snack, snack.

Dinner was a salad

and sauteed fingerling potatoes with mushrooms.

I also had a glass of pinot.  Wine counts as a perishable, right? Ugh, chores are rough.

Next post, I want to talk about the C word.  No, not that word.

The other C word: cancer.

I’m still slowly translating China Study, and I am quickly learning that nutrition has a much bigger impact on the effects of cancer than we think.

Stay tuned.