Remember reading the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar when you were little?  I remember loving to turn each page and marveling at the colors of each new piece of food that the caterpillar ate.

For some reason I felt like that little worm today.  I had one smoothie, one banana, two apples, three clementines, one carrot-apple-beet-ginger-lemon juice (that I fortunately was able to spill in my bag and then get all over my white dress. So maybe that counts as 1/2 of a juice), 97 leaves of kale… blah blah blah. At the end of the day, I did not turn into a butterfly. What gives? I did take a yoga class however that did make me feel like a new person.  Does that count?

Dinner was a TJ’s veggie burger on Ezekiel bread with honey mustard, avocado and a peeeeekle (or two). The kajillion kale chips that I made were eaten by the very hungry caterpillar.

On a more serious note, who watched Bachelorette? I probably shouldn’t be admitting that I watch it, but I already told you about my love of True Blood so my reputation is pretty much squelched.

POOR AMES!  His smushed little face looked so… smushed.  Along with his heart. He was such a sweet and articulate guy! One of my roommates (who shall not be named), rather eloquently said “Can you imagine dating him? You would learn so many new words!”   Well said.  I’m glad we all went to college.

I’m off to my cocoon! Bonne nuit.