So, I’ll admit it.  I’ve gotten a little pizza happy.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

On Friday I went home for the day (summer Friday, hayy) for a dinner with the family. I asked my Mom if we could stop by Whole Foods to pick up some dinner ingredients to feed my pizza-happy-hunger.

What Bergdorfs is to my Mom, is what Whole Foods is to me.

Some hummus with Mary’s Gone for apps:

After my Dad tried one of the crackers he said “What is this stuff? Is this like flax or something? That’s pretty good, I think I’ll eat healthy now.”  Good for you Dad. I’m glad my endless rants aren’t going unnoticed.  Or rather, thank you Mary, for putting flax seeds into your crackers.

And look at the tomatoes that were my Dad’s Father’s Day present.  They’re ALIVE!

I caramelized some onions for la pizza

She just HAD to rip the corner off.

We made two pizzas: a vegan and a vegetarian. This one had roasted veggies with gorgonzola and mozzarella.

 The vegan one had tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions, peppers and pea shoots. This was the first time I have tried a vegan cheese,  and this one was Daiya mozzarella.  I thought it tasted a little weird, but my Dad thought it was delicious! (hey, when he decides he’s going to commit to something, he means it).


And lemon sorbet to close.

By the way, this pizza tastes really delicious at 5:30 AM after getting home from the bar with your high school buds.  Sorry I’m not sorry.