Does anyone else feel like the older you get, the more holidays begin to become a bit of a let down? Apart from Christmas (obviously),  I feel as if the higher my age climbs, the lower the expectation.  Halloween? Sometimes fun.  New Years?  Usually just a normal drinky/dancy night (yes – I made up the words drinky and dancy).

With the exception of the holidays that are designated to family  (which are always appreciated, and in my book are usually under-rated), I feel as if the other ones are held to such a high standard.  We go out and buy our bottles, and bottles (and bottles) of wine, plan our costumes, and stock our candy bowls.  These nights are fun, yes, but I can’t remember the last time I really felt like it lived up to the story-book ideals that we grew up knowing.  Halloween trick-or-treating when you were little? Now THAT was a fun time.

This Fourth of July was sort of in a league of its own. It definitely was NOT over-rated.  It was just what I was thinking it should be, what I wanted it to be, and precisely what I needed.  Do you know how you sit at your desk during the day, and dream about those days where get you to sit on the beach, filter the sand through your fingers, and be simply happy?  That’s what this vacation was. Ugh writing this after the fact is making me depressed.

A couple of us hopped in a car, and road-tripped it up to MAINE!  Maine is just as beautiful as you would expect.

It’s been a weird few weeks for me in the real world, so it was really nice to forget about everything for a few days and play in Never Never Land with my best friends.

I ate my weight (and then some) in potato chips, jelly beans, fried dough, ice cream, french fries, and crackers with cheese.  It was TOTALLY worth it.  Vacation tip:  eating is easier when you keep telling yourself you’re going on a serious diet/ running 37 more miles a week.  It’s not so fun when you realize your diet expectations fail the day after you get home from vacation. Oh well.

It was just like Christmas, but with a different family.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  4th of July: totally under-rated.

I lobby lobster love my family! (don’t ask)

Now excuse me as I go bathe myself in leafy greens.