Summer weekends in New York are simply the best.  You just can’t beat spending time outdoors with friends drinking, dancing and eating.  I had dinner with a good friend Erin on Thursday night (our “date night”). Mexican!

I may or may not only be friends with Erin because she has the cutest nephew on the face of the planet.   I may or may not want to steal him.

Friday, our close friend from Cali was in town! I put together some bruschetta to munch on while we sat around and caught up. I also made some AWESOME coconut mojitos.  I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but really, these were the most delectable cocktails. Ever.

Oh, and there also may or may not have been some GNO and matching dresses.  Nothing like making your out-of-town guests feel super welcome by making them answer embarrassing questions about their high school crushes.

Saturday was spent sitting on the beach and tonight I’m heading out to celebrate my best friends birthday. But before that I am slathering myself in aloe because I resemble a lobster. Woops!