I become infuriated, stomp my feet, and throw a tantrum like a little girl every time I hear some new fact about the never-ending detriments of the processed, fast food and factory farm industries.  The food that the majority of America eats is not only making us fat, but it’s slowly killing us.  Why are we allowing it!?! *feet stomping ensues*

Heart disease currently holds the record for number one killer in the Unites States. Not cancer, strokes, or being struck by lightening.  Heart disease.  We’re killing our hearts!

Obviously, the main factor coming into play here is diet.  When we eat a poor diet, our body can only act accordingly.  It’s really unfortunate that the foundation of our diet here in the US relies on processed foods.  The even more unforunate part of this is that we are feeding this food to naive children!  They’re growing up with processed foods that are sugar and fat-laden, and are developing an alarmingly high rate of diabetes as a result (diabetes occurs when you body can no longer produce insulin.  We need insulin to help break down the sugars and starches to turn into energy. When we overload our system with sugars, fats, and starches, it shuts down).

We’ve had one small victory in L.A. and that is when flavored milk was banned from schools. Flavored milk contains SO much sugar.  An embarrassingly huge amount.  We used to consider this stuff healthy?! 6,000 parents actually signed a petition to get it banned. It’s a small drop in the bucket, but at least the right people are beginning to understand the consequences that will occur if children continue to eat what they do. I’d say, “WINNING!” in my book. I don’t know if we’re bi-winning, but definitely at least winning.

Maybe a little less milk, and a little more of this: