Enough pretty food photos.  Let’s talk science.  One of the major reasons why I wanted to start this blog was to talk about food nutrition, and how food is translated in our bodies.  I have been thinking a lot recently about why food is so interesting to me. Why am I so attracted, intrigued, and pulled in to this essential part of life?  Why are blogs, magazines, books, TV shows, websites dedicated to simply food? Don’t you think we’d be bored of it by now? Our lives revolve around it.  Both physically and mentally, food can either destroy a person’s life, or nourish it.

If we break it down to basics, most of food is simply color.  Color not only that we see with our eyes, but color that our blood can feel, that makes our joints move, and allows us to operate optimally. We are attracted to this color because it’s in our genes, it’s what we know. Let me explain.

(Sorry couldn’t help one pretty photo… How else am I going to get you to scroll down the page?!)

Most of the color found in the fruits and vegetables we eat comes from antioxidants.  By the way, I’m learning all of this from The China Study.  Although I have to re-read every page twice, and it takes me about 15 minutes per page, I’m finding it incredibly fascinating.   Campbell says “living plants illustrate nature’s beauty, both in color and in chemistry.  They take the energy of the sun and transform it into life through the process of photosynthesis.”

He then goes on to explain how the complex reactions that the electrons endure, puts up a “shield” that blocks the molecules from free radicals.  This shield is made up of anti-oxidants.  When we as humans are introduced to free radicals, it is more difficult for our tissues to work properly, and extensively, can create problems such as cataracts, emphysema, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, etc etc etc.

Anti-oxidants are what protect our bodies from these harmful free radicals.  The problem is, we don’t have the ability to create these anti-oxidants on our own (because we obviously don’t go through the process of photosynthesis).  So, hmmmm, where can we get ourselves some of these anti-oxidants?  …..

Ohhhhh, now it all makes sense! Fruits! Vegetables!

All of those beautiful colors are not just to make my blog look nice.  They’re there to look appealing and appetizing to us. Reds, yellows, greens, purples, oranges and blues exist only to entice us to eat them because we NEED them to protect us! Their process of creating anti-oxidants to combat free radicals does help them, but they manage to produce these beautiful colors only for our benefit.  So that WE eat them.  Kind of cool how that works, huh.

I shouldn’t be the only one eating green here, should I?  Maybe I’ll change my blog name to Humans Eat Green.