I decided to surprise my parents and come home for father’s day.  After my brother picked me up, we swung by Whole Foods to pick up a tomato plant as a father’s day present.  I also bought them some herbs to plant.  I’ve been annoying working to get my parents more involved in the food community, and encouraging them to buy local, organic produce.  My Mom for most of my life has been pretty good about buying organic produce, and non-processed foods (don’t get me started on how scarring it was when my Gushers and Fruity Pebbles were taken away from me).  But hey, I guess it worked! My Dad on the other hand refuses to give up his non-fat Cool Whip, and his I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (Dad, don’t think we can’t see it hidden in the back of the fridge).

They decided to join a CSA: Chubby Bunny Farm.  I’ve never been prouder.  My Mom has more swiss chard, arugula, radishes and dandelion greens than she knows what to do with.  My Dad is still trying to figure out how to incorporate I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter into his leafy greens.

A little background on my Dad: he was the Dad when you were little that would tell scary ghost stories that would keep you up at night,  collects comic books,  has played every known sport,  gets along better with children than he does adults, knows everything, is a painter, calls me potato (and yes, would yell “GO POTATO” as I ran down the lacrosse field in high school), and has always encouraged me to do whatever makes me happy.  On second thought, this should explain it all (in the first few seconds of this video, you get to see my Yia Yia!).

I love my Daddyo.  Happy Father’s Day, you crazy cat!!

My brother and I decided to make breakfast for my parents. Blueberry pancakes! Yum.

This was classic pancake batter and I added some vanilla extract and cinnamon.

Side note: One of my mother’s many talents is not being able to pose/ keep her eyes open in any photographs.  Right before I took this picture, I was commenting on her awkward smile when she decided to strike this lovely pose instead! Next post, character profile on Mamma Green.

Side note number 2: As I was loading this photo, I noticed what was in the bottom right hand corner… CAUGHT.  We’ll let him have it this time. It is Father’s Day after all.