On this Sunday, just like many other Sundays at home, our good friends/neighbors invited us over for a swim in their pool and some bbq.  We walked around the corner to their house, kicked off our flip flops, and grabbed some poolside drinks.  When I think of quintessential summer memories, I think of spending time at their house.  It is always incredibly relaxing sitting by the pool, spending time with friends, and the perfect way to end a great weekend.

Dinner prep started, and Ruth began putting together one of her famous salads.  It doesn’t matter what kind of salad it is, it could be a different one every time, but each and every time it is never short of DELICIOUS.  I tried to watch her to steal some of her salad secrets, but she was already folding in the dressing!

Ross knows what’s up.

I really don’t like olives… but these I liked! I have a feeling my taste buds are beginning to change.  I used to hate pickles and hot sauce, but now I LOVE EM’. Extra pickles on the side of my sandwiches, extra hot sauce to dip! How do I incorporate these olives into my lunch sandwich?  I hope the sandwich guy can provide… sorry, off track.

So… Olives!  Green olives no less.

Then it was time for a light summer dinner…


My plate:

Ruth’s salad, with some asian coleslaw, roasted veggies, and corn on the cob.  After this plate I ate 6,897 sweet potato fries.

Gotta love the homemade wine.

This meal was so, so, so, good.  I think at one point I said, “I would literally pay $500 for this meal.”  Sitting outside at the picnic table, beautiful weather, family, begging dogs…

Could not ask for more. Wait! Can’t forget dessert…