Now, I haven’t really worked out how often I am going to share when & what I eat, but I thought it was a bit unfair to name my  blog after green eating, and not showing you any of my green eats. Green eats you shall get. Luckily today I had a Summer Friday (AMEN FOR DAYS OFF), so I had extra time to put some green on my plate.

After running up the Hudson River this morning, I picked up some essentials (running low on my TJ’s stash).  Lunch was spinach topped with carrot and broccoli slaw tossed in Mama Pea’s MMM sauce.  This stuff is… well, mmmmmmmm. Guaranteed to make any eater happy, veggie or not. Make. It. Now.

After lunch: an apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon and turbinado sugar.

I recently grew out of my apple allergy that I have had for about 6 or 7 years, and can now eat them sans itchy-ness and throat constrictions. Hip hip horray!   One Sunday afternoon, I was sitting across from my (very) Italian Grandma (MeeMa), watching her methodically peel, cut and eat an apple off the tip of her paring knife.  After drooling, watching her eat that delicious looking apple, she asked me if I wanted one.  After telling her about my unfortunate turn in genetics, she said “eh, trya some. Sommatime, after you wait a little time-a,  you won’t feela itchy anymore.”  And I totally believed her.  So, I had a slice.  Look at me now, MeeMa! I realize how stupid this was at the time, but seriously, my MeeMa knows all (including, how to make the world’s most perfect tomato sauce. No, I know you think your Grandma’s is better, but really, MeeMa’s wins). Long story short, expect to see lots o’ apples here. I can’t get enough of them these days!

Couple of hours later, couple of episodes of Game of Thrones later (what?), it was dinner time.  C and I decided to order from Candle Cafe.  I mean, what goes better with some courtyard, blood-shedding sword fights than Candle Cafe?  Clear answer.

Summer eats on my Summer Friday.  Stick around for “summa more!”