a gastronomical birthday

Posted on March 25, 2014

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My dear friend Hollie invited me and a few lucky friends to join her for a day-long foodie extravaganza to celebrate her birthday. We spent the day up in Capay Valley did some wine tasting, and then travelled to the surreal Full Belly Farm for olive oil tasting, cheese-making, baby lamb feeding, and an outrageously delicious dinner under the stars. I was honestly on the verge of tears all day because I’m a freak because everything was so beautiful. It was so wonderful to spend time surrounded by nature, hanging with friends (new and old), and to see the magic that is the farm life at Full Belly Farm. It also reinforced the idea that it’s finally time for me to adopt a baby lamb.


Happy Birthday Hollie!  Thanks to you (and Jim) for having me celebrate your incredible birthday alongside you.  Huge shout out to Liz for planning this dream of a day!


chico, ca

Posted on March 4, 2014

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we went up to chico this past weekend (about 3 hours north of san francisco) to visit rachel’s mom.  on our drive up I insisted we make a pit stop after spotting those outrageous blooming almond trees.  it was a great weekend full of road trip snacks, mix cd’s, clipping arugula in the garden for that evenings salad, beer tasting at sierra nevada, a cocktail called the gold rush, wine, homemade cherry pie, wine again, some well deserved chipotle, and more than one (aka two) near death experiences. well ok, I tend to exaggerate things a little BUT word to the wise: don’t try to travel down a very steep one way narrow dirt road on the side of mountain while it’s raining… in a manual car, and don’t go to a clothing optional natural hot spring. I think that is all I can elaborate on regarding the latter, but I feel justified in making that blanket statement.

a huge thanks to shirley for hosting us wacky kids!

be my galentine

Posted on March 4, 2014


I had a few of my galentines over for valentine’s day, which feels like a hundred years ago. We drank pink wine, and I cut hearts out of tomatoes for pizza in honor of the romantic food enthusiast I am. Didn’t want to forget to post these photos and let my ladies know how much I adore them… and homemade pizza.


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