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Admission essay excerpt:

A Civil Rights class led me to read Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education. These cases cemented my desire to pursue a law career and made me realize how the law can evolve like a growing animal, the very concept of which is quite intriguing to me. This passion inside me cannot be ignored, and I took the path where I will be able to involve law in my work. I now volunteer in a local police department where I help detectives research cases and laws. This had enriched my knowledge of the law further. However, a sound law education from ___ University will surely benefit me more. The school not only offers a well-formulated law curriculum but also allows students to learn by experience.


I. Introduction

A. My interest in law
i. Readings from a Civil Rights class made me very interested in the study of law.
ii. The cases made me realize that law can evolve and be corrected.
iii. My volunteer work for a police department involves researching cases and laws with a detective.
iv. I was able to enrich my knowledge about law through my experience
B. Applying for the law program of ______ University
i. The University offers great law curriculum.
ii. Sound law education can be achieved through a program that allows students to learn more through experience.
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II. My experience and educational background

A. I took up a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.
B. During my university years, I also took up a Civil Rights class and was assigned to read the cases of Plessy v. Ferguson and Brown v. Board of Education.
C. These cases taught me that that law is evolving and can be corrected at any point.
D. Also, my volunteer work with a detective has given me a broader understanding of the law.

II. My motivations and struggles

A. Being able to go to school is such a blessing for me.
B. I had to work while being a full-time student as well. My parents are both working class employees. And despite being both employed, they also need the extra income I make.
C. I have always excelled in my work, despite having to go to school full-time. I come from a neighborhood where crime and drug abuse are common.
D. The high school dropout rate is high and rarely do high school graduates finish college. I am proud to say that I am one of those rare people.

III. Pursuing a law degree

A. I have held various menial jobs over the years but nothing has fascinated and intrigued me as the prospect of a law career has.
B. The Civil Rights class was only the starting point for me to realize that I want to be a lawyer.
C. Being exposed to crime and violence has helped me gain another perspective to law.